Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ganzo G723 - highly recommended heavy duty folder

The slim version of the G722

After the stunning G722 Ganzo managed to release another excellent high quality folder.

- sturdy folder with an outstanding fit and finish
- full flat ground blade with a nice satin finish
- solid early lock-up without any blade play
- massive frame-lock with lock-bar stabilizer 
- comfortable handle design with excellent ergonomics
- perfectly centered blade, very thight tolerances
- fully open back for easy cleaning
- good initial sharpness out of the box

- only tip down carry option

Blade length: 3.82" (97 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.15" (3.8 mm)
Blade steel: 440C Stainless Steel (~58 HRC)
Open length: 8.58" (218 mm)
Closed length: 4.76" (121 mm)
Weight: 6.42 oz  (182 g)
Handle: steel + G-10 with steel liner
Lock: frame lock
Carry: right hand tip down

You can buy the G723 at Gearbest: ***HERE***

G723 and G722 side by side.
 The G723 weights 1.62 oz (46 g) less:
Comfortable lock-bar shape,
solid early lock-up, perfectly centered blade:
Fully open back for easy cleaning:

More pics:


  1. So of all of these different knives that are similar which one is your favorite?

    1. My top 3: G722, G723, G724.
      The G722 is absolutely stunning but that's a heavy folder.
      The G723 is a slimmer version of the G722 with a cool full flat ground blade and a reasonable weight.
      Because of its compact size and weight the G724 is ideal for every day carry.

      Ps.: I also noticed the new G726 and G6801 models. I'm still waiting for FT to announce them.

  2. I received my g724 yesterday, and yeah, it's very pretty, rather sturdy and damn amazing once you take the price into account. A perfect summer EDC. If the steel really is 440c or a Chinese equivalent, that's a highly anti-corrosive steel, the plastic handle with patterns is grippy enough, and the orange colour in which I got it is "sunny"!
    Thanks for the head's up on those, they're really nice and dirt cheap, so even if something bad happens, I won't regret too much!

    1. Welcome to the club! :)
      I reprofiled and sharpened mine a couple of days ago. Now it cuts like there's no tomorrow! :)