Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Budget heavy duty frame-lock folders - Enlan EL08, Ganzo G722 and G723

Ganzo G722, G723 and Enlan EL08: 
High quality heavy duty folders:


Ganzo G722 Ganzo G723 Enlan EL08
Blade length:  3.58" (91 mm) 3.82" (97 mm) 3.77" (96 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.15" (3.8 mm) 0.15" (3.8 mm) 0.137" (3.5 mm)
Blade steel:   440C Stainless Steel
 (58 HRC)
440C Stainless Steel
 (58 HRC)
9Cr13MoV Stainless Steel (58-60HRC)
Open length: 8.38" (213 mm) 8.58" (218 mm) 8.58" (218 mm)
Closed length:  4.8" (122 mm) 4.76" (121 mm) 4.8" (122 mm)
Weight:  8.04 oz  (228 g) 6.42 oz  (182 g) 6.49 oz  (184 g)
Handle:  steel + G-10 with steel liner steel + G-10 with steel liner steel + G-10 with nested steel liner
Lock:  frame lock frame lock frame lock
Carry: right or left hand tip up right hand tip down right hand tip up

You can find the detailed reviews: ***HERE*** Enlan EL08
                                                           ***HERE*** Ganzo G722
                                                           ***HERE*** Ganzo G723 

You can buy them: ***HERE*** Enlan EL08 (Fasttech)
                                 ***HERE*** Ganzo G722 (Gearbest)
                                 ***HERE*** Ganzo G723  (Gearbest)

More pics:


  1. Evening Isti!

    I was wondering if you could start including the style of grind in your reviews?

    It looks like only the G723 has a flat grind, the other two look hollow ground to me, am I right?

    It can be difficult to tell a saber grind from a hollow grind from photos, it's often not included in advertising literature, and it's a feature that some knife geeks would be interested in!

    Great work on your blog, I'm always excited when I find your review of a knife I'm looking at. The Ganzo 727M in particular, I bought after seeing your glowing Ganzo reviews and photos of it. I've been thinking about a RAT, but I hate liner locks, so the 727M was like my budget dream folder.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi,
      Ok. I'll keep that in my mind.
      The G723 is full flat ground for sure. The other two seem saber to me.
      I like my RAT folders too, the smaller version is perfect for EDC.