Saturday, March 28, 2015

Review: ZT 0801 budget titanium edition - amazing value for the money

- perfect fit and finish in every detail
- strong titanium frame lock with steel insert and hidden lockbar limiter
- solid early lock-up
- excellent flipping action thanks to the ball bearing pivot system
- perfectly centered blade with light stonewashed finish
- stylish titanium handle with very good ergonomics
- discreet deep carry pocketclip

- none 

Blade length: 3.74" (95 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.157" (4 mm)
Blade steel: GB-D2 Stainless Steel (59-61 HRC)
Open length: 8.19" (208 mm)
Closed length: 4.68" (119 mm)
Weight: 5.85 oz (166 g)
Handle: titanium
Lock: frame lock with steel insert
Carry: right or left hand tip up

You can buy the ZT0801 on Aliexpress: ***HERE*** or ***HERE*** 
Cheaper version with steel handle: ***HERE*** 
Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop the locking mechanism on the folders. So don't worry these folders come with solid frame-locks!

More pics:


  1. Nice summary and pics. I liked mine so much I bought two :)

  2. In your actual use what knife has had the best quality steel (in terms of keeping an edge)?

    1. The MG DAMM has a good blade steel (N690). It sharpens very similar to my VG10 blades.
      My new Light Cavalry folder seems quite promising too with CPM-D2 blade but I need more time to test it.

    2. Thanks very much for the reply.

  3. The linked all black version isn't available anymore. Do you have an alternative link?