Thursday, March 19, 2015

New orange Enlan EL-01

I managed to grab the new orange version of the renowned Enlan EL01 (full review here).

You can buy the orange EL01 on Aliexpress***HERE*** 

You can buy the different versions of the EL01 at ***HERE***
                                                                             Triangle pivot tool: ***HERE***

and at 
***HERE*** (black handle plain edge)
***HERE*** (black handle part serrated edge)
***HERE*** (black handle black plain edge)
***HERE*** (black handle black part serrated edge)
***HERE*** (khaki-sand handle plain edge)
***HERE*** (wood handle plain edge)
Exclusive damascus version: ***HERE*** (black handle plain edge)
Mini version (EM01): ***HERE***

More pics:


  1. Looks nice, and I have three version of this I think, but I've yet to get one that actually flips well! You?

  2. I always take apart my EL01s for a little fine tuning (cleaning, polishing the pivot area, oiling) so they flip open quite well. Surprisingly this new orange version flips well out of the box without any tuning.