Saturday, November 29, 2014

New arrival: titanium mini flipper with ball bearing pivot system

Gnome designed by Anton Malyshev:
Full review coming soon :)
You can buy the Gnome on Aliexpress***HERE***
Full titanium version is also available.


  1. Hey again, I thought this post needs a comment, too ;)

    I just finished to regrind my Gnome and I like it much better now.
    It's thin like a kitchen knife and it cuts like a charm, we'll see when I'll get the first nicks ;)

    I guess I'll sand again the full flat grind because I got dark spots from etching, twice at the same place (maybe I overheated the steel at those places.

    It even flips better now, maybe due to less air resistance :P

    1. Good job!
      I guess you you're a big fan of the Spyderco Dragonfly and Calypso Jr. FFG blades! :)

  2. My last post didn't appear, strange...

    Well, I guess I'd like the Caly but even the Delica should be fine.
    Or maybe the Dragonfly. Is there good copies on AliExpress or so?
    I'm only able to find bigger knives like the (Para)Military...

  3. Looking nice. How about the steel, something like 8Cr13MoV at least?