Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New tactical / SD pens at Fasttech

Tactical / SD pens with tungsten window breaker tip in 3 colors
You can buy the grey one at Fasttech: ***HERE***
                                      the bronze one***HERE***
                                  and the black one***HERE***
Exclusive coupon: RMBBUST - 5% off everything store-wide - works through 8/31/2015


  1. BG is cheaper (6.99usd); I've already asked FT for a price match.

    I wonder how this thing works, there're no visible threads, and it doesn't seem to have a retraction mechanism.

  2. That's not the same! The Fasttech version has a tungsten insert at the tip.
    You twist the front of the pen for writing. (I have these pens without the extra tungsten tip.)