Sunday, October 6, 2013

New arrival: budget Marttiini folder

As soon as I manage to take more decent pics I will publish my full review about this nice budget folder.  


  1. Came to me two weeks ago. Red colored handle had two small scratches. I gave it to friend. After one day of usage he said it is very weak. Looks good, handle is wide with good grip, blade seems nickel plated - unknown steel. I can`t recomend purchase even the price is 8.14 usd (my case).

  2. It's strange because mine feels quite strong with solid lock-up without any blade play. It came with a flawless blade with perfect symmetrical grind lines at the edge. The blade of mine has a high polish finish and it definately is not nickel plated. The blade was slightly off-centered but it was easy to fix it by adjusting the pivot screw. The handle is rubberized so I can see a few scratches there but nothing serious. Maybe you stumbled upon a low quality immitation?...