Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sanrenmu 763 and Sanrenmu GA T11

Because of their similar compact size and design I decided to upload some pics for comparison.

Sanrenmu 763
- excellent fit and finish
grippy G-10 handle
- very smooth opening and closing
- axis lock with solid lock up

the steel liners could be covered by G10 around the lanyard hole for improved ergonomics

Sanrenmu GA T11
- excellent fit and finish
- unique wharncliffe blade shape  
- curved G-10 handle
- deep carry pocket clip
- well positioned can opener 

- the opening slot in the blade could be bigger for an easier access

You can buy these folders at
                SRM 763 (aluminium handle): ***HERE***
                SRM GA T11 (khaki handle): ***HERE***
                SRM GB T11 (black handle): ***HERE***

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You can also buy these folders at
                                             ***HERE*** SRM 763 (aluminium handle)
                                             ***HERE*** SRM GA T11 (khaki handle)
                                             ***HERE*** SRM GB T11 (black handle)


SRM 763 SRM GA T11
Blade length: 2.55" (65 mm) 2.28" (58 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.09” (2.3 mm) 0.094” (2.4 mm)
Blade steel:  8Cr13MoV (56-58 HRC)  8Cr13MoV (56-58 HRC) 
Open length: 6.14" (156 mm) 5.39" (137 mm)
Closed length: 3.66" (93 mm) 3.34" (85 mm)
Weight: 2.06 oz  (58.5 g) 2.33 oz (66.1 g)
Handle: G-10 with steel liners G-10 with steel liners
Handle thickness: 0.405” (10.3 mm) 0.421” (10.7 mm)
Lock: axis lock liner lock
Carry: left or right hand tip up left or right hand tip up, right hand tip down
Lanyard hole: yes no
Extra function: bottle opener can opener

More pics:


  1. Sanrenmu 763 is one tiny knife - I mean absolutely tiny... I made the mistake of ordering one and it was so small and to open it was awkward because of it's thin/small size.

    The fake axis lock is sharp on the fingers and so stiff...

    Was not pleased at all with this knife. 939 and 913P are quality knives for the price - this 763 is not IMHO.

    the 763 WAS sharp however.

  2. find a 1.5 mm allen wrench and loosen pivot screw to desired playfulness(!). I did that on mine and one I gave to a friend. both flip open smooth now but were indeed a bit stiff when new.i carry mine daily.i do not have large hands so size may not bother me as much as you.

  3. I am not quite happy with can opener. Had to sharpen it because a broke a small piece of knife while trying to open the can with unsharperned one. Anyway for EDC repairs and so on knife is cool and the steel is fine enough :)