Monday, May 28, 2012

Inron MY803 - The Poor Man's Hinderer XM-18

It's a quite big folder it's even bigger than the Enlan EL01. Its handle is also oversized so it fits well large or gloved hands too. Although its overall size is bigger than the EL01, the blade of the Enlan has a longer cutting edge.

- excellent fit and finish
- ergonomic handle with carbon fibre like G10 scale 
- because of its slim design it carries surprisingly well in the pocket
- solid lock up without any blade play
- drilled steel liners for weight reduction

- average flipping action out of the box (it needs wrist flick to open)
- no lock bar limiter (altering the position of the pocket clip could solve this)

You can buy it at Exduct in black, orange and khaki color: ***HERE***.
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You can also buy different versions of the MY803 at
                                             ***HERE*** (black G10 handle)
                                             ***HERE*** (khaki G10 handle)
                                             ***HERE*** (black & red G10 handle)

Blade length: 3.85" (98 mm)
Cutting edge: 3.54" (90 mm) 
Blade thickness: 0.141" (3.6 mm)
Blade steel: 9Cr13MoV Stainless Steel (58-60HRC)
Open length: 8.81" (224 mm)
Closed length: 5.03" (128 mm)
Weight: 5.64 oz  (160 g)
Handle: G-10 / steel
Handle thickness: 0.413" (10.5 mm)
Lock: frame lock
Carry: right hand tip up

More pics:


  1. I like very much but how is it compared to Enlan el08 about strength and thickness of framelock?

  2. As soon as I manage to grab an EL08 at a reasonable price I'll tell you. :)
    The lock bar of the Inron seems thin, but indeed it's 2.2 mm thick (same as the Kershaw Groove).

  3. I have an enlan el08 and its framelock is thicker than liner of enlan el01. The design of the iron is beautiful but i don't know if it is sturdy enough like el01 and el08.

  4. I'll do some whittling with it and report back.

  5. I built a figure 4 trap of sticks (~1" in diameter) for testing and after the whittling the lock up remaind solid.

  6. I have seen a video and the lock fail, sharpness isn't good too.

  7. I've reprofiled edge so I don't have any problem with the sharpness.
    I've seen a video about the Spyderco Manix 2 lock fail too...
    My Inron still locks up firm.

  8. I have never seen on an enlan/srm/ganzo a lock fail so easily. Then do you recommend strongly the iron my803?.

  9. In that video the lock bar was stuck to the far right. I can't push the lock bar that far on mine.
    In my opinion the Enlan EL01 is still the king of the budget flippers.

  10. the el01 is pretty cheaper than the inron my803. I have an el01 yet and i like very much the design on inron. I see the inron like an enloan el01-2.0 but it seems it is not as good as the enlan.

  11. Wow great site. I just spend an hour looking at all of your reviews and pics.

    I was wondering if you've ever handled the Navy K622. I'm really interested in the knife but I can't find much information on it.

  12. Thank you!
    I haven't handled the K622 yet. You can find a few comments about it at HERE.
    Unfortunately the original Al Mar SERE 2000 is out of my price range so I guess sooner or later I'll buy one too. :)

  13. Hi Folks,

    I have both, El08 and Inron 803. I have more confidence in Enlan. It is most Probably due to the strongest look of it and the fact that El08 gives a better grab.
    From an objective approach, they're on the same technical level.

    Please note that I also had to reprofile my 803.

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  15. Any update on regarding the blade play issue ?
    Im about to buy one in orange, but i read that there is problems with the locking mechanism failing and some bladeplay.

    After a use, how it turned out?

  16. The lock-up of mine remaind solid without any bladeplay after building a figure 4 trap which included a lot of whittling. I prefer my Enlan EL01 and El08 for such a work because of their better ergonomics.