Sunday, July 2, 2017

Review: Zanflare F6 (Cree XPG) an excellent brass EDC - keychain flashlight

- stunning low price
- excellent fit and finish, it developed a nice patina after a couple of weeks
- waterproof construction (IPX8 with 1.5 m impact resistance)
- nice gift box, good English manual and accessories (necklace, 2 spare o-rings, USB cable)
- magnetic tail which tail stands
- USB charging with indicator LED and well protected micro USB port
- versatile output modes (1.5 lm moonlight, 15 lm medium, 200 lm high)
- no strobe modes 
- the twist switch prevents accidental turning on

- the whistle is almost useless

You can buy the Zanflare F6 at GearBest: 
***HERE*** (battery included)
***HERE*** (battery not included)
Now you can grab it at an awesome discount price,
$12.99 shipped with coupon code "ZF6FRM".  
More Zanflare products: ***HERE***

Excellent budget EDC-keychain light:
Size comparison with Nitecore Tube and SF-348:
with Zanflare F1 (review here):
with On The Road M3 (review here) and FURA Bean folder:
You can buy them at GearBest: 
Nitecore Tube: ***HERE***
SF-348: ***HERE***
Zanflare F1: ***HERE*** 
On The Road M3: ***HERE***
FURA Bean folders: ***HERE*** 

Packaging and accessories:
USB charging:
More pics:

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