Friday, June 9, 2017

New titanium folder deals (CH Knife, Shirogorov F7, Direware etc.) on Aliexpress part 38

(Seller's pics)

New awesome 2017 model CH Knife CH3507 titanium frame-lock flippers
 with M390 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the CH3507 on Aliexpress: 
***HERE*** or ***HERE*** 

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
 the locking mechanism and the "blood grooves" on the folders.

High-end Green Thorn Custom Division Shirogorov F7 style
titanium frame-lock flippers with M390 blade and triple raw ball bearings:
You can buy the F7 on Aliexpress: 

Direware Solo style titanium - CF frame-lock flipper
 with 0.19" (4.9 mm) thick D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Solo on Aliexpress: 

Bear Claw Shirogorv F95 style  titanium frame-lock flipper
 with new blade style, blind screwed pocket clip and dual row ball bearings:
You can buy the Bear Claw F95 on Aliexpress: 
Green Thorn versions: ***HERE*** 

Mini titanium frame-lock flippers with M390 blade:
You can buy these mini flippers on Aliexpress: 


  1. How does the Bear Claw compare with the Green Thorn F95?

    1. According to the pics they're very similar. I'm planning to order their S pattern F95.

    2. I have a Green Thorn F95 and a Bear Claw in the mail. I'll let you know as soon as I receive it and have tested it!

    3. Got the Bear Claw F95 this morning. It's great. The pouch is more rigid than that of Green Thorn, but I'd say a touch nicer... The knife itself is very well made, very well finished, comes with an attached lanyard. The stonewash on the scales is great, the bead blasting on the blade might be a touch coarser than on the Green Thorn, but only by very little.
      It has a hidden hardware pocket clip with perfect tension, and it's one of the smoothest knives I have, if not the smoothest. The blade really falls "freely" under it's own weight (despite a light "swiiisshh" from the detent ball on the bead blasted finish... something shared with all Rike knives).

    4. Great, congratulations! :)
      Is yours the S pattern version?

    5. Yep, it is.
      And by the way, I've fallen and ordered a CH3507 in grey. Couldn't pass a M390 large but slender blade!

  2. I like this new CH3507 in blue quite a lot, maybe even more than my 3504 (but not as much as my Matsuda).
    Price is not too bad neither for M390 steal but I can't afford it right now.
    I don't use my knives that hard so I get very little benefit from better steels like S35VN or M390 other than bragging rights.
    Personally, my sweet spot are knives with Titanium or CF and D2 in the $70/$80 range (like the Green Thorn F95s or the CH Matsuda for example).
    If that new CH and the F7 would be in that price range but with D2, I'd be all over them.
    I just have a hard time paying that much for a premium for which I (and I'm talking just about myself and my use) don't see a benefit.
    Typically I buy a knife more for its design rather than its blade steel, but that's just me.

    1. I am not sure if we can trust them that they are using m390 because on that CH Zieba clone they claimed zdp-189 and actually they were using Chinese equivalent of m2.

    2. I prefer folders from the $60-$70 range with D2 blade too. Now I'm in trouble because I really like the bluish CH3507 and I'd like to try the M390 blade steel too. On the other hand for $135 I could try atleast 6 interesting budget folders. Well we'll see... :)

      As I see CH Knife wants to get in the company of prestigious Chinese manufacturers. I doubt they would risk to ruin their reputation by lying about the blade steel of their original design.

    3. I'm very very much on the edge of ordering a CH3507... Probably in grey.
      I too feel like it's very likely real M390 (clearly it's now available to Chinese knife makers, like s35vn and D2...) other steels that are more of a rarity that a Chinese nondescript maker claims using, I will doubt, but a "on the way to be an established company" like CH, saying they use a proven and "usual" steel like M390, I trust.

      By the way, some Zieba clones were said to be "CH" but 1° they didn't have CH on the blade, a rather uncharacteristic thing in the range. 2° they are indeed a clone and CH does mostly "original" or loosely adapted designs. 3° the exact same knife, with the same "zdp-189" marking on the blade was available as a "standard clone" of unknown origin. I therefore suspect that some sellers just placed Zieba clones in CH boxes they had laying around and said they were "CH made", to benefit from the good reputation of CH.

  3. By the way, when it's about Zieba clones anyways.
    Does anybody know where to get a black G2 all steel where they accept paypal.
    An atm ate our credit card, so no dhgate or aliexpress.
    Maybe gearbest will have them soon but $8.71 for shipping to CH kind of destroys the fun in a budget knife...

  4. It looks like Gearbest just got a clone of the Stedemon ZKC A01
    Too expensive for me for such a small blade but I was quite surprised to see that. No often that we see cloners cloning Chinese brands. Maybe they'll start cloning some of the WE knives...

    1. Why do you think that's a clone? They used to sell the Kevin John Venom Attacker under a different name and that wasn't a clone either.

  5. AFAIK, the ZKC A01 only comes in blue and grey, not in the gold and black version found at GB.
    Also, the clip on those is CF instead of TI.
    Maybe the same factory, who knows, no way to be sure of course.

  6. Oh, and the steel, the original is S35VN, this one CTS204P.

    1. There's also an aluminium version with CTS204P.

  7. Yeah, you're right, and with the same 3 colors found at GB and the CF pocket clip too! I guess it is the original then ;)
    Still, too expensive for me for such a small blade but nice nonetheless to be able to get it at a $40 discount for those interested.

  8. On another note, the more I look at this CH3507, the more I find it difficult to resist this one and the Bear Claw F95 S-Pattern, especially after seeing Franz comment LOL!
    Must resist.... must resist .... don't know for how long though LOL!

    1. Resistance is futile! The sooner you order the faster they arrive! :))

    2. We are the Borg... and your knives are ours! Or our knives will be yours!

      Go get a Bear Claw F95, it's really great!

  9. That's it, I am weak and was only able to resist a couple of weeks. I am ashamed :(
    But I just ordered both the CH3507 and the Bear Claw F95 which made me really happy :) (until my Visa bill shows up :$)
    I just couldn't stop staring at the stunning blue anodized scales turning to green under proper lightening and got mesmerized by it LOL! Hopefully mine will do something similar.
    And for the F95, well .... it's a F95, nothing else to say ;) I just love the Shiro designs so I had to have it to keep company to the others ;)
    Now, that's it, definitely no more knives until 11.11 sale .... yeah right, I wish .... surely something else will come up, something always does ....

    1. I'm about to post a couple of new candies from AE. You should take your credit card out of reach. ;)