Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Review: Marfione Sigil copy, Serge Bean spearpoint copy and Kershaw Vapor III

Excellent high quality folders from different price ranges.

I've decided to take advantage of my group shots and review these 3 folders together. I'll start with the most expensive one and the following days I'll update the review with the rest.
I'll review the FRN handle version of ZT0770 copy in a separate post.

Exclusive Samier made Marfione Sigil copy with stone washed S35VN blade and stone washed titanium handle:

- high-end folder with amazing details
- stunning light stone washed finish on the handle and the blade 
- sturdy construction with excellent ergonomics
EDC friendly size
- solid early lock-up without any blade play or lock stick
- comfortable sub frame-lock with steel lock bar insert
- damascus steel lock bar limiter
- pretty smooth flipping action thanks to the ball bearings
- perfect detent strength
- massive dead centered 0.157" (4 mm) thick wharnecliffe style blade
- unique hidden titanium pocket clip which works well
- hidden stop pin
- steril design without any text, there's only one sword logo on the backspacer

- it needs special Microtech style tools for the screws

Blade length: 3.5" (89 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.157" (4 mm)
Blade steel: S35VN (59-62 HRC)
Open length: 8.03" (204 mm)
Closed length: 4.53" (115 mm)
Handle thickness: 0.5" (12.9 mm)
Weight: 4.41 oz (125 g) 
Handle: titanium 
Lock: sub frame-lock 
Carry: right hand tip up

 You can buy the Sigil on Aliexpress: ***HERE*** (MK6 with standard clip)
Budget version with steel handle and D2 blade: ***HERE***

Group shot top to down

ZT0770 copy, Kershaw Vapor III, Sigil copy and Bean copy:

You can buy them on Aliexpress:
ZT0770 copy with ball bearings:
OEM Kershaw Vapor III:
Serge Bean copy with S35VN blade in many variations: 

Amazing details, real damascus lock bar limiter:
Stunning fit and finish from different angles:
Hidden stop pin, the cut-out in the handle makes
 the flipping even mor comfortable:
Excellent solid, early lock up:
Perfectly centered blade:
Hidden stop pin, the cut-out in the handle makes
 the flipping even mor comfortable:
Stunning fit and finish from different angles:


  1. The Sigil looks fabulous. Can't wait to receive mine! And the bean, is it the blue one? It looks grey but rather dark. I guess there's not a mile of difference between the two, then!

    1. That's a grey Bean with satin - stone washed blade.

      I'm planning to order the special "screw driver set" for the Sigil because I'm quite curious about its construction.

    2. That's what I thought. But it looks really quite similar to my "blue" one!
      I'll first try the various screwdrivers with similar shape that I got with other knives... and maybe I'll order the set for this one if they don't work. Or maybe not ;)

    3. The screw driver which I received for my HALO V might work for the the small screws and the Enlan pivot tool could be good for the big pivot screw too. Unfortunately I'm quite far away from home so I can't give it a try at the moment.

  2. The Sigil looks really nice!
    I guess one more to add to the wishlist, but not for now, already spent way to much these past few weeks so I'll probably wait until November and the 11.11 sale.
    On a side note, while I like the knife, the proprietary hardware really bother me. IMO, any knife that comes with proprietary hardware should have the tool included by default. I understand why in the high end custom originals it is not, manufacturers don't want customers to mess up a $2000 knife but for knives below $400/$500 it should be included.

    1. The Marfione Custom Sigils are quite pricey stuffs that could be the reason for using these Microtech style screws. :) Anyway you can buy the special tool for this Sigil around $15 shipped. Since my Sigil doesn't need any adjusting I'm not in a rush to order it.

    2. ...or you could just ask them if they can include the tool before ordering. They could point at the link for the tool for sale or they just say, ok, you'll get one with your knife, for free or cheaper as if you'd order it regulary.
      My Vespa Neon was not that pricey but when I asked for it I just got a pivot tool, for free.

    3. On my Hati and Neon I can adjust the pivot easily with only my fingernail. :)

      Still waiting for the Sinkevich Jeans clone to be available at the Jufule store.

    4. I'm waiting for the budget version of the CKF Sablya! :)

    5. What I'm very much waiting for is a clone of the ZT 0055. If there's none that get released before, I don't know, say September, I'll have to buy the "real ZT", I think.
      I'm also waiting on my Armourhide to arrive. GB told me that if it's not there by May 6 they'll do something. In the mean time, that's a 2 month wait, at least!

    6. The ZT0055 as the other designs of GTC looks stunning although they could have made more effort about that pocket clip. That looks quite plain to me.

      Tha shipping misery could be quite disapponting. Can't you track the parcel at all?

    7. Nope. Tracking just says "left the sorting centre" or something... on March 17. Then, nothing. It probably got passed to the French post at some point, and they probably attributed it a new tracking number... which they only know, and then either lost or forgot the parcel somewhere.
      As for the pocket clip of the 0055, you're quite right, it's a rather plain/boring thing. But I know that these work very well... so I guess it's a down on looks for a guaranteed up on practicality!

    8. Just ordered one although I said I wouldn't.
      Samier has it on sale for $111 and I had a $7 DHG coupon about to expire that brought it down to $104.
      I asked him if he would be willing to include the tool if I purchased the knife and he agreed.
      Couldn't pass it up, I am weak :D.

    9. That was a very good deal with the tool included.

    10. Mine arrived today. It's a really nice looking and well made knife. And the quality in Samier's knives is showing even in the oil they use for their knives. From the smell I can tell you that this is proper guns lubricant, not some average run of the mill oil they grabbed in the kitchen!
      I really like the stonewash on the handles, gorgeous and subtle. Only negative, the pocket clip isn't exactly the same colour. Visibly it's either not stonewashed or less intensely washed than other parts.

    11. I suppose they stone wash the parts separately. Fortunately there's no significant difference between the pocket clip and the handle on mine.

  3. Received mine today, really nice knife indeed!
    The stonewash on the handles is gorgeous, one of the nicest I've seen.
    It is smooth but not super smooth like the Green Thorn F95s for example, those feel like they run on butter and I love that. The Sigil feels a bit gritty.
    Another thing is the detente. While it is adequate in strength, it is however possible to fail the opening fairly easily. Once again, the Green Thorn F95 have probably the best detente (to my taste) I have seen on any knife at any price, light but yet strong enough that it is impossible to fail the opening, no matter how you press the flipper tab, the blade just flies out like a rocket into the locking position.
    All in all, I really love the Sigil. Beautiful design, very well executed by Samier, and perfect EDC size.

    1. It's not easy to exceed a Green Thorn F95 for sure! :) That's also my best flipper. For me the amazing fit and finish of the Sigil adds a sort of premium feel.

      I received my new Kwaiken a couple of days ago. I'm quite surprised and impressed by its flipping action because it's very close to my Green Thorn F95 and we're talking about a $26 knife. I'm planning to review it soon.

  4. I agree with you on the premium feel of the Sigil.
    As for the new Kwaiken, I don't know about the new one but the first clone with carbon fiber and VG10 is indeed a great flipper, impossible to fail as well and still light detente.

  5. After having carried the Sigil for a few days, I really like it.
    Very nice compact folder that still offers a good size blade.
    The only thing I am not fond of is the pocket clip.
    While it looks awesome, it is not very functional, there is not enough strength on the clip to hold the knife securely.
    This is definitely not a knife that I would feel comfortable carrying in my back pocket.
    I find the sub-frame lock quite hard to disengage as well. If I play with it, flicking it open/close a few times, my thumb start to hurt.
    Other than that, the knife is awesome, great EDC.

    1. The pocket clip is not as functional as a traditional one for sure but it's way better than the integrated pocket clip of the Boker-GTC Federal. I have no problem with the sub-frame lock of mine.

      I've received the tool for the screws so I'll have a look at the inside of mine soon.