Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New folders at Fasttech - Ganzo Firebird, Sanrenmu Land 9103 etc.

(Seller's pics)
New folders at Fasttech

Spyderco Stretch style Ganzo - Firebird F733-CF folder
 with carbon fiber handle:
You can buy the Ganzo F733-CF at Fasttech: ***HERE*** 

Full steel, frame-lock Sebenza style Sanrenmu Land 9103 and 9104 folders
 with Sandvik 12C27 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the all steel SRM Land 9103 and 9104 folders at Fasttech: 
***HERE*** (silver stone washed)
***HERE*** (black acid washed)

Ganzo - Firebird F753M1-CF pocket / EDC friendly smaller version
with a 3.03" (77 mm) blade and carbon fiber handle:
You can buy the Ganzo F753M1-CF at Fasttech: ***HERE*** 

Benchmade BM940 style Ganzo - Firebird F7563-CF folder
 with black blade and carbon fiber handle:
You can buy the Ganzo F7563-CF at Fasttech: ***HERE***

Ganzo G7491 in 3 colors
 with flipper opening, satin blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Ganzo G7491 at Fasttech: ***HERE***

H&K style Ganzo G7452-CF folder
 with carbon fiber handle:
You can buy the Ganzo G7452-CF at Fasttech: ***HERE***

 Spyderco - Byrd Medowlark2 style Ganzo - Firebird F759M-SBK folder
 with part serrated blade:
You can buy the Ganzo F759M-SBK at Fasttech: ***HERE***

Full sized Sanrenmu LAND 9046LCC-GH-T3
 multi tool - folder:
You can buy the SRM 9046LCC-GH-T3 at Fasttech: ***HERE***


  1. I think they will make a smaller version of their bestseller models. Just like the para 3 and the rat 2. This is excellent!

    1. I hope more models will be included in their "M" series. For example the M version of the G722 would be awesome.

  2. I don't mind smaller knives if they are liner locks or frame locks.
    I came to realize that I am not fond of small axis locks, I find them odd to operate with a smaller handle.
    I noticed that last year with the Sanrenmu 7063 and now again with the G751M1. In the case of the Ganzo, it's even a bit worse as the action is not really smooth which makes things even harder.
    Originally I was planning on getting the CF version but the more I use it, the less I want it so I think I'll skip it.
    The SRM 9013 and 9014 will be mine however this weekend during the Easter sale :)

    1. My SRM 9013 and 9014 are on their way to me too! :)

  3. Both the Ganzo G7491 and the SRM 9046 are calling to me... I think I might order the Sanrenmu since I really have nothing with that "semi-razel" sort of blade shape and the "multi-tool" aspect makes it interesting as well...

    1. I've been waiting for the satin version of the G749 for a while but this time I must show some self discipline because I have too many folders in the mail at the moment. :) I would also try the SRM 9046 around the house for some DIYing. That blade shape seems quite sturdy.