Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rike Knife - HX Outdoors Armorhide is on sale at Gearbest

(Seller's pics)

The new Rike Knife - HX OUTDOORS Armorhide ZD-006 
 is on sale for $159.20 at GearBest!
Titanium frame-lock construction with
3.54" (90 mm) S35VN blade and ball bearings:
Rike Knife - HX OUTDOORS Armorhide ZD-006

You can buy the Armorhide folders at GearBest: ***HERE***

New HX OUTDOORS "Poker" ZD-009 
 with G10 or CF scales and 2.36" (60 mm) AUS-8 blade:

Frame lock design with fancy pocket clip:
You can buy the Poker folders at GearBest: ***HERE***

New G10 version of the F758 switchblades at Fasttech:
You can buy the F7582 switchblades at Fasttech: ***HERE***

 The previous aluminium version of the Ganzo - Firebird F7582
switchblades with button lock and safety switch:
Tip up carry:
You can buy the Ganzo F7582AL at Fasttech:
***HERE*** (black)
***HERE*** (blue)
***HERE*** (gold)
***HERE*** (grey)
***HERE*** (orange)
***HERE*** (purple) 

 If the products are not on sale you can try to use the following coupon - discount codes to reduce the price at GearBest:

  price: 15% off discount
coupon: OUT15OFF

LED Lights & Flashlights
  price: 12% off discount
coupon: GB17LED


  1. Hum.Isti you're not being nice!!! ;)
    I must say that at this price, the Armorhide becomes very tempting... I'll try to refrain myself a moment, and we'll see what happens.
    But I wouldn't be massively surprised if I purchased it sometimes soon...

    1. In grey it looks quite tempting for me too. :)

    2. Yeah, that's the one I eventually ordered... The price was just too good to pass ;)
      Thanks but no thanks for that one, Isti!

    3. I'm considering the black one. Not sure how the gray / silver looks in person.

    4. For $144.89 it's hard to resist! :)

  2. Wanted an Armorhide but wasn't too keen on paying $228 for it. Glad I checked this page because that's a great deal.

  3. GB comes out with a surprisingly good deal time to time so keep an eye on my blog! ;)