Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Sebenza style Sanrenmu Land 910 Plus folder with ball bearings at GearBest

(Seller's pics)

Awesome full sized Sebenza style Sanrenmu Land 910 Plus folders
with ball bearings and  3.35" (85 mm) Sandvik 12C27 blade:
You can buy the Land 910 Plus at GearBest: ***HERE*** (black or green)

Full steel, frame-lock Sebenza style Sanrenmu Land 910 plus folders
 with Sandvik 12C27 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the all steel SRM Land 9103 and 9104 folders at GearBest: 
***HERE*** (silver stone washed)
***HERE*** (black acid washed)

If the products are not on sale you can try to use the following coupon - discount codes to reduce the price at GearBest:

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  1. Well, I like the 910 Plus.
    I wanted to get one some years ago already but they were always sold out (or ridiculously expensive).
    I edc it since some weeks and I'm surprised how well it holds an edge, I only had to strop it so far.
    Ball bearings sound super techy but I must say I don't see the need for them, not on this one, neither on flipper knives. There's well executed flippers with washers and bearings collect much more gunk but it seems to be the "thing" right now. But hey, I also don't see the need for steel inserts on Ti framelocks, to each their own I guess.
    It's definitely the smoothest knife out of the box, so that's cool.
    The thumb studs are nice as they are not polished but come with a matte finish. If the blue hardware is needed, I don't know, it would fit well with blue scales or all black hardware, 3 colors are a bit too much but I'll take care of that with black/blue carbon fiber scales.
    The clip is done already and holding up well.

    I hope to take better pics when the scales are done, smth like this should be nice:

    1. I'm sure your 910 Plus will look great with the custom CF scales. Don't forget to post a pic about it! :)

      Regarding ball bearings and steel lock-bar inserts we a have a different oppinion. I think a ball bearing pivot system is are a very useful feature especially in the budget category where you can rarely find folders with ordinary washers which have such a smooth action out of the box.

      I also see the steel lock bar inserts at titanium frame locks as a big improvement because of the less lock wear, the absence of lock sticking and the replaceability. Their integrated lock-bar limiter/stabilizer function is a big plus in my eyes too.

    2. For me ball bearings ar ok, not mor, not less, but they are advertised to be superior to washers, which they are not, it just makes it easier to produce a smooth knife. My Kershaw Chill is super smooth on washers even when it's dry. When a folder is well made, ergonomically and in terms of materials and machining, then it doens't need LBS or steel inserts. I more get the steel insert, and if you can put in a lockbar limiter, ok, but I've never seen an overbent lockbar in any forum. Oh, and we're talking about budget knives, so replacebility? Did you ever try to get replacement parts for China knives, not to mention clones?

      Anyways, this is not a rant, just my opinion which says, the less part a mechanical item has the less part can fail. YOMV.

    3. You still can't convince me. :)
      IMO ball bearings are superior to ordinary washers and as you said it's easier to produce a smooth folder by using them. I couldn't find any down sides of using caged bearings to ordinary washers either so far. I haven't seen any of them failed on me yet.

      For example the renown Enlan EL01 is a hit or a miss regarding smoothness. Sometimes it's smooth out of the box, sometimes it needs more or less time to break in, sometimes you have to take it apart polish the pivot - washer then oil it to make it smooth. Sometimes you have to use custom phosphor bronze washers to achieve the desired smoothness. By using the cheapest ball bearings and keeping them oiled all of these problems could be eliminated.

      I haven't seen any over bent titanium frame lock bar either but using a steel lock bar insert with an integrated limiter is more pleasing for the eyes than a separate lock bar limiter on the visible side of the handle.

      Every time I asked for an extra steel lock bar insert they sent me one from China (ZT0562CF clone, District 9 folder). They could send me replacement pocket clip screws for my titanium Shirogorov Dark too.

    4. Yes balls bearings is superior that why it is used in crucial mechanical part! But I agree it can collect dust and dirt thus making it worst if its dirty.

      Have you tried dual-row or triple-row ceramic bearing? Its super smooth.

    5. The smoothest knife I own is the Real Steel Griffin, those needle bearings are really neat. I gues they could use them in Ti slabs without steel washers underneath.
      My best single track ball bearing knife would be the CRK Kevin John TiLock, the pocket for the bearings is so deep that there's nearly no space between the blade and the handle, very little chance to collect dust. This way I like ball bearings ;)

    6. @Isti Well, I tried to get another clip for my Vespa Neon, no luck with that, but by chance I found it in the metal trash, that was really my lucky day. And well, LBS are ugly to me, so integrated is better, but I don't really see the need for the steel insert, when my Mnandi was a bit rough first I carbidized the edge, no issues ever since, the Neon never needed any treatment and has been my edc knife for more than a year (only the detent is getting gritty, always have to clean it with a piece of paper between lock bar and blade).
      Oh, and by the way, I don't try to convince anyone, if it works for you it's fine with me, I just think the father of the frame lock knives still needs no steel insert, lock bar limiter or ball bearings, other frame locks performed same well. But see, that's just my opinion ;)

  2. Thanks. I bought two of the black scale versions, which were on "flash sale" on GearBest.

    1. I've won a $10 coupon on DHGate, for less than $11 it was a no-brainer :)
      I wish they wouldn't have removed the typical Sebenza hump at the blade heel that's visible in closed position. With the ball bearings it could be a good front flipper...

    2. You're welcome. That was a good price for the black one but at ~$16.30 it is still a good deal imo. :)

    3. For $11 it was a steal! :)

    4. Seems to be a successful one, now for $14 on GearBest.
      The world is crazy :P

    5. Any idea when we'll see a Paramilitary 3 clone?

    6. I haven't seen them yet.

  3. By the way, now there's an all steel version, from the side pics it's looking like a milled construction. Maybe soon I need another cheapo knife, maybe when it's on sale on gearbest....



    1. Wow, those are real Sebenza killers! :))
      I'm afraid I'll have to order those two + the black G10 verion soon! :)

    2. Yes, I like my G10 version, too, but I must say if these steel versions would have been available and if they are same heavy as written then it would be a tough choice.
      I guess I'll order the satin version when it's on sale at GB to try some etching but only if it has milled handles.
      Don't forget to post your pics if you get your 910's ;)

    3. Does your G10 version weights 127g?
      I suppose those all steel ones must weight more.

  4. I can check the weight tomorrow.

    In the German Jusaya webshop (they are often pretty fast on SRM/RSK/Land products) they state 135 g for the steel version and 127 g for the G10 one.
    Not such a big difference.

    When I finally make scales for my G10 version I think I'll try a sinle linered version with only cf on the showside. The biggest job will be to find a matching steel washer for the ball bearings and milling the hole for it.

    First I'll help my new co-worker with making cf scales for his brother's Spyderco Tenacious, when the holes are drilled and countersunk he'll have no big problems to sand it. His brother is employed at a zoo so I think I'll get some antler, teeth, horn and stuff soon ;)

    1. Thanks!
      135g is pretty good for the all steel version! I was thinking about ordering a black G10 one as a light weight alternative but not for -8g. So I'll go for the all steel versions! :)

      I think finding a matching washer won't be a big deal. You can find those in every screw-fastener shop. You might have to sand them a little to make them thinner.

      Please don't accept any rhino horn!! ;))

      Ps.: Have you seen my reply about the source for pocket clip screws?

    2. I think I've seen that but I'm not sure at the moment if I want to work on that Ganzo right now, to make a cf clip for the 910 plus is much easier for me and I can say I use it daily since I made it.
      There's not even scratches on it, even though I bumped into things here and then.
      I like liner locks more by the way, so I'll keep the G10 version till it becomes a cf version. I think I'll even find washers on job, you'll see the result when it's done.
      Today I finished tweaking the Antonini Old Bear for my father-i-l and I'm thinking about making a leather belt sheath for it...
      Oh, and I'd accept anything they give me, I know it's only from medical removing or when the animal lost it through a natural act (even death). But for sure I wouldn't post anything where I'd need a paper for it and I wouldn't sell anything of it, rather I'd gift it :P

  5. Just as an update, the all steel version has milled handles:

    The video is in German but you'll find the right times.

    Funny fact is that his blackwashed version says 134/135 g, the satin one 137 g and he can't say the reason because they look absolutely the same.

    Right now the 910+ kicked every other blade out of rotation, only when I need a really sharp knife for a longer time I use my Caly 3 on job.
    It's just too much fun to flick this thing and the ergonomics are perfect for me. I'll definitely get a Sebenza someday ;)

    1. Thanks for the info!

      After 2 minutes I had to quit watching that video because it was so annoying for me. I think it's a very good example how to not make a video "review". :))

    2. Yeah, if you understand it it's a bit easier but still not the best review. At least it's not one of them where you must see the ugly bearded guy all the time as he's holding the item talking bull$hit about it ;)

    3. Yes, at least it's not 20 minutes long. :))
      Maybe I'll give it another try but it's really annoying he can't hold the liner-lock and the new frame-lock version side by side even for sec. Not showing the display of the scale doesn't help too much either for a non German speaker.

    4. I can't seem to leave my 910+ at home either. My Real Steel E775 and Spyderco Native 5 Lightweight are feeling neglected, of late.

  6. There will be englisch videos soon I guess, the new 910+ seems to be really successful, a blue G10 version would be interesting with the blue hardware but I like the stonewashed version the most.
    How do you feel about Ruike knives? Their slipjoints seem to be made by SRM and the P801 is looking like a bigger version of that small SRM knife with the blade on the steel handle. I feel like there was a titanium version on aliexpress, but not sure about it, they should've kept the simple clip. Even more I like the looks and size of the P831-SF but I can only find it on their website, not sure when it will appear.

    It reminds me of the ZT 0808 without being a real copy or clone but more a hommage if you like. For $20-25 I could imagine to get one.

    1. I guess I'll wait for the availability of the frame-lock 910+ folders at GB or FT.

      That Ruike P801 looks awesome! The SRM - Real Steel influence is quite apparent.
      Is this available yet?

    2. You can find the P801 on the bay and on many shops when you google for it. I'd prefer it with a standard clip and no blue bling and CRK thumb lug.
      Ruike semems to be connected to Fenix lights but their name is a bit strange. There's RUI knives, Rike knives, now this one that I don't even know how to pronounce...

    3. I meant the P831-SF, sorry. I can't find that model anywhere.
      The P801 is a little plain looking for me and I don't like its blue pocket clip either. There's a "Hussar" model too! :)

    4. First I wrote my reply in regards of the P831, too :P
      I think it's not out, yet, but maybe the guy at dhgate's Bladeforum can say something, he was the first shop with the G-753CF and the 910+, both in G10 and all steel.

  7. Bonjour, j'ai acheté ce Sanrenmu Land 910+ mais j'ai un doute concernant l'acier sandvik 12C27 (acier Suèdois) utilisé pour la fabrication de la lame car le couteau n'est vraiment pas cher

    1. Hi,
      12C27 is not an expensive steel. The stainless version of the Mora fixed blades are made of 12C27 too and they're dirt cheap.

    2. I just realised that I should be surprised.
      I use my 910+ on job every day and strop it much less often then any of my budget folders. It holds an edge really well, my Ganzo 7533-CF has no chance to get some pocket time. The blade is ground thinner behind the cutting bevel and could be the better slicer but it dulls way too quickly :(

    3. That's good news for Sanrenmu but not as good for Ganzo. :)
      I guess something went wrong with the heat treatment with your Ganzo.

    4. Can be but I never really liked the edge retention on any of my Ganzos. This 910+ is a big surprise in any way.

  8. Have you seen the Sanrenmu 901 (not plus) knife?,102,5#cppd-5-5|null:102:r1391469612

    I've only seen it on DHGate. It says 440 or 8Cr steel and it has some kind of locking lever on the right side where the blade meets the handle. It comes in orange too. At first I thought it is fake but now I'm intrigued.

    1. As I know that's the previous version of the SRM 910.