Tuesday, November 22, 2016

GearBest Black Friday - Cyber Monday fixed blade knife, folder and multitool deals and coupons

Have a look at GearBest's awesome folder, fixed blade knife & multitool deals:

Kevin John Attacker with S35VN blade for $182.99 shipped:
Ganzo, Enlan, Sanrenmu, Y-start, Cima knife, folders and multitools with huge discounts are available for a limited time / qty.

Exclusive coupon codes for Ganzo and Y-start folders
(only 1 piece per person):
Active Time Model with link Discount Price USD Coupon Code
Nov-21 22:00 UTC+8 GANZO G722 - BK 10,59 G722BK
Nov-22 22:00 UTC+8 Ganzo G723 - GR 10,19 G723GR
Nov-23 22:00 UTC+8 Ganzo G7531 - CF 13,69 G7531CF
Nov-24 22:00 UTC+8 Ganzo G723 - OR 10,19 G723OR
Nov-25 22:00 UTC+8 GANZO G722 - GR 10,59 G722GR
Nov-26 22:00 UTC+8 Y-START JIN02 12,19 YSJ02
Nov-27 22:00 UTC+8 Ganzo G723 - BK 10,19 G723BK

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  1. Ahhhh
    Had I known, I might have bought the Attacker instead of the Venom II... or not (finer features, like the bolster, the insert in the blade, but s35vn vs. m390 and easier to tweak hardware). Anyway, I just received my Venom II in m390 and it's really nice, so nice that it directly jumped into my pocket (flippability factor, mostly) instead of the TiSpine I received at the same time. But still, that TiSpine with the real integral titanium body and the m390 blade is possibly the absolute ultimate EDC/gentelman folder.
    I'll try to present them (and possibly some others) tomorrow... my blog has been dormant for too long ;)

  2. The Venom II has a sort of rugged look while the Attacker seems more refined gentleman style for me. Anyway I look forward to seeing your pics. :)

    1. And here are the pics (and review of the knife).
      I'll do my multiple LionSteel clones next, I guess (comparing the two TRE version and the two TiSpine versions)... unless I go for the "Ti Gratch" before... Anyway, these should come rather soon!

    2. Thanks for sharing! You wrote an excellent summary about the different versions. How does it flip?

      If you order the new G10/titanium version of the T.R.E. you could compare all 3 variants. :) It's only $50 shipped at the moment. ;)

    3. It flips great, very smooth... But the detent is not ultra strong so its a smooth flip, too, not that brutal "schmponk" you get sometimes when the detent is strong...
      By the way, I've also done the "Ti Gratch" and the integral TiSpine, yesterday and today!