Tuesday, October 25, 2016

ZT Days - A couple of my Zero Tolerance copies

                             Top to down:
                             - ZT0620 G10/steel handle version
                             - ZT0620 CF/titanium handle version
                             - ZT0562 G10/titanium version with ball bearings
                             - ZT0700 G10 handle with steel liners

Full reviews are coming soon.

You can buy them on Aliexpress:
                        ***HERE*** or ***HERE*** ZT0620 G10 budget version with steel handle
                        ***HERE*** or ***HERE*** ZT0620CF with titanium handle
                        ***HERE***                         ZT0562 G10/titanium handle with ball bearings
                        ***HERE*** or ***HERE*** ZT0700 G10 handle with steel liners

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