Monday, September 19, 2016

New folders on Aliexpress part 6

(Seller's pics)

Full titanium CKF T50 style folders designed by Alexey Konygin
with S35VN blade:
You can buy the T50 with S35VN blade on Aliexpress:

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop the locking mechanism on the folders. So don't worry these folders come with a lock!

Full titanium Zieba G2 style folde with front flipper opening
and ZDP189 blade:

You can buy the G2 on Aliexpress: 

Boker Kwaiken budget version with steel/G10 handle:

You can buy the Kwaiken on Aliexpress: 

Heavy duty full titanium/CF Boker - GTC Federal with 
4.9 mm (0.192") thick satin or stonewashed blade:
You can buy the Böker - GTC Federal on Aliexpress: 

New Strider SNG style folder with nightmare grind and
steel/G10 handle: 

You can buy the Strider on Aliexpress: 

New Microtech - Marfione DOC (Death on Contact) style folder
G10 version:
You can buy the DOC on Aliexpress: 

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