Friday, September 23, 2016

New folders at GearBest - Y-Start, Enlan, Ganzo etc.

(Seller's pics)

New compact sized Y-Start JIN02 folders with
 ball bearing pivot system and axis-lock:
 You can buy the Y-Start folders: ***HERE***
Have a look at my Full Review: ***HERE***

Massive Enlan EW054-1 folder with
 flipper and wicked persian style blade:
 You can buy the Enlan EW054-1: ***HERE***

Unique design Enlan EL07S folder with
 wharncliffe blade:
 You can buy the Enlan EL07S: ***HERE***   

Enlan EW042-3 folder with stylish aluminium handle:
 You can buy the Enlan EW042-3: ***HERE***

Jun Lang 16010C folders with unique
Kershaw E.T. style lock:
 You can buy the Jun Lang 16010C: ***HERE***     

LionSteel Daghetta style Ganzo G746 folder with wood handle:
 You can buy the Ganzo G746-1-WD1: ***HERE***  

Ganzo G741 with stone washed blade
and carbon fiber handle:
 You can buy the Ganzo G7412-CF: ***HERE***  

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  1. Any idea about the y-start axis lock compared to ganzos axis? Enlans axis is really terrible.. Stiff and sharp

    1. I've ordered it and when it shows up I'll have to take a look. Enlan's locks can be improved by plastidipping them, as I hear.

  2. Ordered the greenish Y-start.. I just have to see how axis/bearings combo works. Damn you, Isti! :D

    1. Bad influence? ;)
      They've been selling these on Ali under different names with good feedbacks.

  3. Received my y-start jin02 and ganzo g7522 today. Jin02 is an impressive knife. For a smaller knife the ergos are unbelievable good and came razor sharp. No flaws and the axis works really smooth with bearings, just like a benchmade.
    Ganzo on the other hand came dull like a butter knife, blemish on the g10 and the scale is loose hence the frame has no threads so the screw wont tighten the scale. The scale wiggles side to side and up and down. Using it creates a hasard hence the unfirm grip. Ergos are pretty good on the ganzo and it flips okayish out of the box. Ganzo has rushed things IMO

    1. I'm planning to order a Y-start Jin02 next month. These mid sized - compact folders are perfect for EDC. Which color did you go for?

      What's about the lock-up and detent of your G7522? At what % does the lock-bar lock? Can you fix the loose scales without gluing them in place permanently?

  4. I went for the greenish colour. It looks really nice. I havent yet checked the ganzo properly. Detent was good and lockup was quite early. Lock is quite stiff when you release it though. I think that I need to use glue hence I dont have the proper equipment for making threads.

  5. Just checked the lockup on the ganzo.. It's over 50% :/

  6. I got the Y-Start JIN02 in black. Very good looking knife. Axis lock was very stiff out of the box but loosened up quickly. Bearing is very smooth. My biggest complaint is the detent is too far out from the handle making the knife less flickable than it should be with that great bearing. Great deal for a knife with a D2 blade steel.

    I also got the Enlan 042-3. It's bigger and heavier than I expected, but a very attractive knife. While it's bearing is not as smooth as the Y-Start, it is very flickable and easy to handle.

    Thanks for the heads up, I'm very happy with both knives!

    1. Congratulations! :)
      It seems those Y-start JIN02s represent an excellent value for the money at this price.

      IMO the steel liners under the alu scales are responsible for the extra weight at the Enlan EW042-3.

    2. Ps.: You've got me interested in the HiFiMe DACs. Sooner or later I'll try one of them. :)

  7. Upon closer inspection the G7522 seems to have both threads on the frame totally stripped so the scale wont stay in place. Screws seems to be fine. Got a refund from GB and just have to try glueing the scale permanently in place.