Saturday, September 10, 2016

Latest arrivals - Cold Steel Voyager XL & LionSteel T.R.E. CF

A couple of teasing pics before the full review :)
Some size difference...

The CF T.R.E. is a decent lightweight gentleman style folder while the Voyager is a serious bad4ss beast which makes a grin on my face everytime I grab it. :)
I've received my Voyager XL clip point which
 also passed the spine-whack test without any problem:
Size reference compared to my Spyderco Endura 4
 and Enlan EL01:
Voyager Vaquero XL pure awesomness! :)
Family picture:

Voyager XL Tanto
Blade length: 5.31" (135 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.153" (3.9 mm)
Blade steel: 9Cr18MoV (58-60 HRC) 
Open length: 12.2" (310 mm)
Closed length: 6.89" (175 mm)
Handle thickness: 0.63" (16 mm)
Weight: 9.31 oz (264 g)
Handle: Griv-Ex with nested steel liners 
Lock: tri-ad lock 
Carry: right/left hand tip up

LionSteel T.R.E.
Blade length: 2.87" (73 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.138" (3.5 mm)
Blade steel: M390 
Open length: 6.85" (174 mm)
Closed length: 3.98" (101 mm)
Handle thickness: 0.47" (12 mm)
Weight: 2.47 oz (70 g)
Handle: titanium + carbon fiber 
Lock: frame lock with steel lockbar insert 
Carry: right/left hand tip up

 You can buy the Voyager XL on Aliexpress: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

You can buy the LionSteel T.R.E. CF on Aliexpress: ***HERE*** 


  1. Sorry if I derail this post, but how do you feel about the aluminum Lochsa?

    1. They've started to sell the Lochsa copy on Aliexpress with integral alu handle and titanium subframe lock: HERE and HERE.
      For $59.99 shipped it's a no-brainer for me! The only question is which color I should order red or grey. :)

    2. I must say I like the red one, even though I'm still not sure if I'll get a Real Steel Griffin one day or not...
      But yeah, $60 Lochsa is looking like a good deal.
      When I was first reading about aluminum integral I couldn't imagine how they want to do that but this is a really good solution.
      Maybe a blue anodized lockbar and clip (they say it's Ti) would look good with the red handle.
      I just don't know how bad it would look after some time...

    3. Btw, if you order one, don't forget to ask for a pivot key.
      I've got one for free with my Vespa Neon and I don't know how else I would've been able to open that one. Same with this pretty screw ;)

    4. After checking the pics here:
      I'd say I prefer the grey version.

      It's $55 here so for xmas I have to decide between this one and the Zieba front flipper which is down to $78 already, too. For around $60 I think I'd get the Zieba. First, that is :P

  2. Just picked up a red lochsa from dhgate for $52. I forgot to ask for a pivot tool. If it's good, I might pick up a different color later. Since the lock bar is a separate piece, I'm hoping for a full carbon fiber version. That would be amazing.

  3. According to the pics it seems to me that the pivot screw on the lock side could be unscrewed by needle nose pliers.

    1. Good idea. And if you don't like to fiddle with those pliers, get yourself an old flat screwdriver (or bit) and file away the middle section (you should be able to do that if you consider to take a knife apart.

      I've made one for the Enlan EL04MCT's pivot and one for the Axis lock.
      Good eyes btw, I should've seen that by myself [facepalm]

    2. Thank you for the idea about the bit!
      Since they also started to sell the titanium Boker Kwaiken with M390 blade I'm in trouble because there're too many choices out there. :)

    3. You're welcome :)

      About the Kwaiken I'm not sure. I really like the design but the clone's price is too close to the original to be atrractive to me.
      $60-$80 is my max price range atm, esp. for clones.
      I'd more likely buy the real Urban Trapper and that grey Lochsa for the same money or Ganzo comes out with another great design, the 940/940-1 comes to mind. For a ZT 0450 clone I'd maybe even pay $100.

    4. I think the main selling point of the Kwaiken copy is the M390 blade steel.
      Even the delux titanium originals have "only" VG10 blades. I hope its price will decrease by time.

    5. OK. I don't really get it why VG-10 wouldn't be just perfect for something I'd call a Gent's knife but I know others feel different.
      On the other hand the Kwaiken seemed to be rather expensive to me, too, esp. when comparing to the Urban Trapper which is imo in the same category.
      Did you make up your mind about the Lochsa already? :P

    6. Steel snobbism? :) M390 is considered as the best of the bests.

      I need more time to decide over the Lochsa. :)

    7. I feel that the zdp189 on my Caly is by farbetter than xCrYYMoV or Aus8 but on par with my Vespa Neon's blade. Also I'm not sure how much I want to trust somebody with the steel who sells a clone.

      Is the any name on that Kwaiken btw?

    8. Beside the M390 text the blade of the Dicoria Kwaiken seems all clean to me.

  4. Voyager link is dead. How much was the price? Do you think its the original? The real one is not too expensive either.

    1. I've updated the link, thanks!
      I bought mine for $39 since then the price decreased much.
      Its quality is surprisingly good so it might be some sort of OEM version.

    2. OEM version? You've got to be trolling.

    3. Built quality, lock-up and smoothness of action feel the same as the original Voyager Large Clippoint to me. I suppose the blade steel could be the usual Chinese choice: D2 or 9Cr18MoV. If someone has a XRF alloy analyzer please test it! :)

    4. It can be made in the Third Shift when the number that should be made for the contract is done and they simply produce some (thousand) more using exactly the same materials and tools.
      I could imagine that also refurbished pieces go out this way that didn't pass QC in the first run.
      That was a problem for many makers of anything who wanted to produce cheap in China but forgot that it's not stupid people they work with...

    5. Do you have the real CS to compare the quality? BTW I ordered the huge Persian blade version.

    6. I managed to handle the smaller original Voyager Clippoint Large in a local shop.

    7. Seller says its a copy version and 9cr13mov steel

  5. I have some doubts about the steel of T.R.E cf clone, I am pretty sure that the steel on the full titanium is M390 (because of the price ?) But for the cf version...
    Do you more information about it ?