Saturday, August 27, 2016

New folders and fixed blades at GearBest

Seller's pics

Brother 1605G folders
It looks like the Navy K631 has been resurrected! :)
 You can buy the Brother 1605G: 
***HERE*** (black)
***HERE*** (orange)

OEM Kershaw Cryo
 You can buy the Cryo: ***HERE***

Kevin John small Sebenza with titanium handle
 and S35VN blade
 You can buy the KJ small Sebenza: ***HERE***

Harnds Cheetah compact fixed blade
 You can buy the Cheetah: ***HERE***

Harnds Lark slipjoint folders with G10 handle
 You can buy the Harnds Lark: ***HERE***

Ganzo G746-1-CF with carbon fiber handle
 You can buy the G746-1-CF: ***HERE***

GANZO G7452-WD2 with dark ebony handle
and stone washed blade
 You can buy the G7452-WD2: ***HERE***

HELLO PR5-905 (Sanrenmu Land PR-905)
 You can buy the HELLO PR5-905: ***HERE***


  1. Darn it, I have enough things on my mod list but the original PR-905 was sceaming at me already that it would be a perfect piece to turn it into a front flipper. All it needs is to round that squared area at the pivot and to add some jimping. I still like the Zieba more :P

    1. But modding the PR-905 into a front flipper would be more fun! :)
      The PR-905 seems like an excellent design although it's quite forgotten. I'm afraid at this price I'll end up ordering one sooner or later. :)

    2. I hear you and I feel same.
      At least I put it in my wish list.

      Before that I think I'd order the apple green F3 ;)

      ...or the etched mini Sebenza clone for 8 bucks...

      And yeah, modding that one would be cool but now I have 2 weeks holidays, no modding for me.
      Then I have to finish my work on the Ganzo G-710, with a thinned edge it will be a much more usefull knife for my co-worker.

      I guess I coudn't resist to buy another knife if there was a good button lock folder around, like that Real Steel Griffin but for a better price...

    3. That axis-lock "mini tabargan" is on my wish list too! I think I'll go for the orange version with stone washed blade. :)

      Please post a couple of pics about your G710 project if you can. The G710 is one of my smoothest folders out of the box. I have one of the very first batch without any markings on the blade.

      Hogue also makes nice folders with button lock but that's a different price range...

    4. Well, I only have a pic right now with rough wet sanding, I just liked the pattern I got when I removed the sandpaper ;)
      I'm not sure about the tension of the Omega springs. When I got the knife they were very hard but when I tweaked them I could shake out the blade to easily. I'm also planning to deepen the cut-out around the axis lock studs (correct term?) with a grinding ball for a rotary tool clamped in the drill press just like on the Benchmade Rift. The worst thing for me is etching Ganzo's 440C steel, I was never able to do that without getting tiny holes :(