Sunday, July 17, 2016

New aquisitions - Harnds, Ganzo, Enlan

New arrivals left to right: Harnds Blazer, Ganzo G747,
Ganzo G7452, Enlan EL-10, Ganzo G743 and G728

Variety of locking systems: liner lock, button lock, axis lock and frame lock
Variety of opening methods: thumb stud, flipper with manual, assisted and full auto opening

                                         You can buy them:
                                         ***HERE*** Harnds Blazer satin
                                         ***HERE*** Harnds Blazer black
                                         ***HERE*** Ganzo G747 switch blade

                                         ***HERE*** Ganzo G7452 (black or orange)
                                         discontinued Enlan EL-10
                                         ***HERE*** Ganzo G743 

                                         discontinued Ganzo G728 with assisted opening 

As you can see the Blazer is a beast! :)

More pics:


  1. Replies
    1. Ganzo G747, the second from the left.

  2. Hi Isti.
    I heard the lock type on the new crop of Spyder-inspired Ganzos called a "bolster lock" by Jim Skelton no less - I'd love to see his collection displayed all at once, drool covered keyboards. :) The precision of the cut forming the lock arm is incredible and puts many customs to shame.
    I have a Harnds knives, the Nyx - a smallish assisted opener, Viper - a gentleman's evening sharpness that has seen a few QC issues but mine is fine, and the "beast" that is the Blazer - heavy and clumsy with the enhanced locking system and very dodgy design and colouring. Heavily built but with a quality feel it really does feel like nothing would defeat it. Best use that I can see for it is as an outdoor tool for snowy climates, the colour shows well and the size makes perfect sense when you use it with gloves on, the knife then feels just right and balanced.
    I'm trying to resist the Enlan EL-10 but as the script goes "resistance is futile".
    Thank you yet again for awakening the Want Want Want on many sharp and pointy cutlery..
    Excellent blog mate!

    1. Hi Steve,
      I'm glad you're back and I hope I'll see you on BLF more often too!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Blazer. It stands out of the crowd for sure! :) I'm planning to make a slightly thinner pair of handle scales for it as I have a small sheet of brown micarta lying around.
      Regarding the Enlan EL-10 that's a nice folder with excellent ergonomics. Its rounded handle scales makes its grip quite comfortable.

  3. Just a heads-up that the Ganzo 727 is on sale for a couple of weeks for just over $10 US at GearBest:

    1. That's a very good deal! I would order one if I didn't have two G727s (G10, wood).

    2. Now the G724M, the G726M and the assisted opening G728 can be grabbed around $10.5 too!

      I recently received a G728 and it was a pleasent surprise. In spite of its plain look it feels very comfortable in the hand and flipping it open with the AO is addictive! :) It would be more popular if every one could try one.

  4. Hello Isti,

    I have a special request again ;)

    I'd like to get a cigar cutter for a friend and I remember that long ago I've seen the copy of the Al-Mar Havanna Clipper on AliExpress.
    Now it seems I can't find it, not even on dhgate.
    The only source I've found is but I've never heard from them and there's no review about the item.

    Maybe you can find one for me, the other cigar cutters don't seem to be useful as knives and I don't like the Victorinox cigar cutter with that stamped hole cutting blade.

    Thx ;)

    1. Hi,
      I've browsed through my wish lists but unfortunately I couldn't find it either (I bookmarked it because of the Al-Mar logo).
      I'll keep my eyes open! :)

    2. Very good.

      I could live without the original logo, the design itself is nice though as it's not only a cigar cutting tool but something much more versatile and useful...