Monday, October 26, 2015

New Ganzo G735 axis-lock rescue knife is coming

Seller's pics:
New Ganzo G735 with seatbelt cutter, bottle & can opener, wire stripper and window breaker tip.

You can buy the G735 in 4 colors at a reliable seller on Aliexpress:
Black:                ***HERE***
Orange:             ***HERE***
Green:               ***HERE***
Black&yellow:  ***HERE***

You can also buy the G735 in 4 colors at ***HERE***

More pics:


  1. Not to fond of theses "multi-tool" knives
    But Ganzo are putting a lot of nice folders out now
    I wonder when they will aim for the higher value knives using TC4, CF and higher grade of steels
    Some CN producers are making good knives now

    1. Maybe they want to show Sanrenmu how to make a man size multi-tool folder. :D