Friday, October 2, 2015

New Arrival: a gentleman's folder on steroids - Summer 2 with S35VN blade

Ontario RAT & Summer 2

Very nice, clean design

Full titanium frame-lock folder with ball bearing pivot system and S35VN blade.
Detailed review is coming! :)

You can buy the Summer 2 on Aliexpress:  ***HERE***
More Summer variants: ***HERE***

Have look at these details:



  1. It will make a great EDC with its low weight, super clean look and fine fit n' finish
    S35VN, can we verify that ?

  2. I'm planning to edc it next week to estimate its edge retention somehow.
    It wasn't easy to sharpen it on my Sharpmaker so that's a promising sign! :)

  3. From the same AliE seller you can buy a Sebenza flipper. I mean, I know Mr Reeve hates clones, but a flipper!
    He'd rotate in his grave if he'd be dead already :P

    1. They've revealed his secret project?!!! ;)))

    2. I'd probably get one if there would be a small version. Would be fun to post it in a knife forum :P

  4. Ah ah, you got this Summer 2?? I had hesitated quite a bit between it and the District 9... Went for the D9 as it's "rougher" (I have the Kwaiken in titanium from Boker that fills perfectly the gentleman folder/flipper style), but still interested on this one ;)

    So, I'm very impatient to see the full review !

    1. I wanted to try something new as I have many "tank" style folders.:)
      So far I'm really impressed with the Summer.

      The titanium Kwaiken is on my wishlist! Are you satisfied with yours?

    2. Yes, I'm very satisfied. The blade is slightly off centre on mine but the stonewash on it is great, the flipping is superb, the design when closed and opened is gorgeous. Only minus is that it is relatively heavy.

    3. Thanks for the quick reply!
      How much does it weight?

  5. I just weighted it.
    To compare with the 154.3g of the Shiro Kanabis in micarta that I'm currently EDCing... And which is much bigger. And feels lighter because of that.

    So it's not very heavy per se, just feels heavy since it's a "small" and very compact knife.

    1. That's ok for me, I can tolerate ~150g for EDC.

      Does the action of the Shiro Cannabis keep smooth after regular opening/closing ?

    2. Well mine was smooth initially and now is smooth to the point of being dangerous... The blade falls back in under its own weight just like if there was no friction whatsoever. So overall it's like a real Shiro: rather hard detent and ultra-smooth action. My only negative on it was that the micarta is brown and beige and that looks super nice but after holding it a bit, the beige parts vanish almost totally. They only reappear after one or two days of not being handled much. Wouldn't have bothered me on the black/grey as black is a "normal colour" but the solid brown is a bit strange for a knife, methinks.

  6. A great gentleman EDC, with really smooth operation and a nice fit and finish
    I only wish the locking arm recess had been placed on the inside
    9 days for a delivery to Sweden