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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New arrival - Brian Nadeau Typhoon style folder

Awesome titanium frame-lock folder with ball bearing pivot system.
Full review is coming! :)

You can buy Typhoon style folders on Aliexpress:
                               ***HERE*** (alu handle versions)


  1. Very nice!
    I quite prefer the blade you got to those shown on most sellers pictures...
    It's on my wishlist ever since it's been out but I held out because of the blade style that didn't really convince me as well as the finish on the handles...
    So I'm waiting anxiously for your full review!

    1. I like its slim, elegant design and it also feels great in the hand.
      The detent is weak (if you try hard you can shake the blade open) but after some cleaning & oiling it flips like a charm. I'm planning to order the tanto version too.

  2. They've release versions with anodised aluminium scales and 9Cr13Mov steel blades, that are a bit cheaper... Might tempt me, I must say...
    I'll consider it on the 11.11...

    1. I noticed them too but they come without the blood groove on the blade.

    2. Are you sure of that? I need to ask the question since they hide these grooves on pictures of any knife having one or at least they seem to be doing it more and more... Yours, the venom II, etc. sometimes it's just a lanyard or something deposited over the groove, other times its fully photoshoped. And that seems to be the leading way these days...

      Well, I'll shoot a question to one of the sellers and see what comes!

    3. Yes. One of the sellers told me.

    4. And I've just received confirmation from a seller minutes ago. So here are my choices.
      - Groove, that I love, with titanium (that I love) but the pattern I prefer for the handle only comes in sandblasted... so quite dull.
      - No groove but aluminium (no problem with that) anodized in gold in places: superb. Blade in 9-18, not bad, better corrosion resistance, better price. But can't find any that will be on sale on 11.11...

      And googling the original custom typhoons from SharpByDesign / Brian Nadeau, most don't have grooves neither... Humm.

      Not sure what way to go...

    5. A couple of serious 1st world problems. :)))

    6. Yeah, I know... I know... ;-)
      Thinking of the alu version more.. I don't think I have any knife with aluminium handles yet, whereas titanium framelocks I have in spades. And that gold anodizing? Brilliant!

  3. He, he...
    My Typhoon arrived yesterday. It's really a great knife. Good size for EDC, flips great... despite the very weak detent. I also love the pattern on the handles, but still wish it'd have been black washed like on yours. I'm happy I went with the groove but still regret a bit the anodized aluminium... Well, we can't have it all.

    By the way, my Slysz Bowie seems to be close to arriving. Monday or Tuesday, I reckon.

    1. Did you buy the gold-silver handle version with the spear point blade?

      I can't track my Slysz at the momen but I hope it'll arrive next week.

    2. Nope, I eventually decided for the bead blasted titanium handle, spear point blade (with gouge, same as yours)...
      From what I gather my Slysz has arrived in France... or at least is in the plane to France. I hope both mine and yours arrive next week... and will live up to their promises!

    3. You can customize the Ti handle by anodisation anytime. :)

      What's about the Techno? Can you resist? ;)

    4. Yeah, I sort of can resist the techno for the moment, particularly given the fact that I have a Boker Albatross which is a bit like it...
      Anodisation? I'm contemplating it... ;)

    5. Wow! The Albatross is on my wishlist too! :)

      There're a lot of tutorials on youtube about it. I'm planning to try it sooner or later.