Monday, October 12, 2015

New arrival - Boker GTC Federal

Unique, futuristic full titanium frame-lock folder with ball bearing pivot system.
Full review is coming! :)

You can buy it at a reliable seller on Aliexpress:  ***HERE*** (with logo)


  1. First thought, this thing is ugly.
    Second thought, why is there no picture of how the clip works?
    If I see it right it goes back into the handle when the blade is open?
    So it's still an interesting knife but the handle's shape is made for other people ;)

    1. Actually the handle is pretty comfortable and I also like blade shape with that slight recurve.
      The pocket clip is an interesting idea but in practice it's almost useless. It looks like some sort of "frame lock" what you have to push inward to make the pocket clip move outwards in order to clip the handle to the pocket. I'll insert a pic about it.

    2. I actually like the blade shape, nothing wrong with that but you also mention the thick blade, my experience with that is that they don't tend to be good slicers. Soon I'll try to thin out my Malyshev Gnome, maybe then I'll like it more again ;)

      And when I have funds again I'll get the Vespa, maybe for xmas, your fault, too ;)

    3. But high hollow grind can make a difference! :)

    4. @Adahn
      I've recently received the Boker / Vox F3, a tank with a 5mm thick blade (in S30V) and man...It cuts like no one business and slices through paper and cardboard like they don't exist. It actually even cut through my thumb quite easily... Indeed it's massive at the spine level but the grind makes it rather thin just behind the edge.

    5. Thank you for the reply. Well, I got my tank knife with the Gnome but I'm really longing for the Vespa.
      Finer knives are my thing at the moment ;)

  2. Interesting
    Are all Böker Plus knives made in China ?
    I have had my eyes on this but ... it looks a bit crazy :)

    1. Yes they are as I know.
      The fit & finish is perfect and despite of the unique design it feels comfortable in the hand.
      Have I mentioned that the blade thickness is 5 mm ?! :)
      The only thing I would change is the pocket clip.

  3. I've seen the youtube vid about this knife and I don't really got it how the clip is working.
    Do you have to push it from the "showside" to the back to make the clip usable?
    That's even more counter-intuitive than the Kershaw Swindle's clip which I like on soft trousers but not in jeans by the way. Oh, and I've seen SR Knive's new line-up with many copied shapes. We know chinese knives can be cheap but good but that stuff is even looking cheap on first sight :P