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Friday, June 5, 2015

VESPA Shirogorov Neon new pics

You can buy the Neon at a reliable seller:      ***HERE***
High-end version with S35VN blade***HERE*** 

!!Updated link!!
New Neon version in 4 colors: ***HERE***

Gnome & Neon:
Enlan EL01 & Neon:


  1. Thanks for these pics.
    I was contemplating getting the Gnome (probably in all titanium) and given how small it looks compared to the (already small) neon, I fear it's too small for me...
    Well then, the next one probably will be one of the "Seashell" Shiros...

    1. The Gnome has a very clever design. I have mid sized hands and I can have a full four finger grip on it using the finger choil.

  2. I'll keep that in mind... even if I have large hands.
    But for the moment I've got the "cavalry" and a seashell Shirogorov in the mail and ordered, respectively.

    1. If you have large hands the Light Cavalry will fit you fine.
      The seashell Shirogorov is on my wish list too.

    2. Received the Light Cavalry today. And right you are, it fits my hand like a glove (or vice versa).
      I just wish they'd done without the lanyard hole that sorts of makes the handle a tad long compared to the blade. Or that they'd made the blade a wee bit longer...

    3. Just received the Seashell... A tad dirty and gritty, but my, isn't that a work of art!!! The one version I chose has a seemingly deeper machining on the scales, and the fit and finish are astounding as are the tolerances.
      I can only recommend it...
      it's from "Samier trade co" on aliexpress, if you want to get the same one...

    4. You should post a couple of pics of your new Seashell.
      Although I already have this new Shirogorov F95 IceBreaker in the mail so please don't! :))

    5. Hey, that IceBreaker looks sweet too! A bit redundant with the seashell, so both you and I can probably live with the one we have/will have...
      So here are some pics ;)

    6. Sweet, congratulations!
      Did you order it HERE?

    7. Yes... That's the shop. And I just discovered that I could have saved a few bucks by buying from my smartphone instead of from my computer!

  3. Hello Isti,

    I don't own the Vespa (yet) but I really like the Gnome. It's looking even better when anodized.
    My pictures are not as good as yours but maybe you like the idea.

    I just don't get it why they didn't call it Parrot. check the 2nd shot and tell me that you don't see that ;)

    1. Your blue anodized Gnome looks really cool! I also like your customized Chill. Did you do the job?

  4. Do you mean the wooden scales? Yes, that's my work :)
    You can find more here:
    Just look for Adahn's work ;)

    1. Thanks for the link!
      It'll take me a while to read the whole topic! :)

      What's about the anodization? Did you do it by yourself?

  5. Sure, take your time. And yes, I did it myself. When you know how simple it is then I think you'll try it, too.
    My first ano'd knife was a China Reeve TiLock, I really like that one, even more in that colorful way.

    I even ano'd the back of my Skagen watch to see if it's Ti. Of course first I made it light blue, removed it on the surface and anodized it again to dark blue. Now I can read what it's saying, too ;)

  6. You did a nice job, congratulations!

    I'm planning to try anodizing for a while. I even bought a cheap Ti spork for testing the colors.
    Telling the truth I find more joy in tuning and pimping my budget folders than in collecting impeccable ones. :)

    What voltage did you use for achieving that shade of blue on the Gnome? Around 45V?

  7. I like tuning, too, and making new scales and all the like :)
    The blue I got with 3-4 9V batteries, funny thing is that the clip and the showside reacted the same way, the locking side needed a little higher current.
    Btw, the Gnome wins a lot if you remove the clip and break the edges (45 deg) on the backside where it's catching the seam. This way the clip is not so tight anymore. Maybe I'll take some pics later.
    If you like modding, maybe you'll like some of the pics in my Sanrenmu folder and the Ontario RAT 2.

    By the way, I wish they's make that RJ Martin knife as big as the Kershaw Chill, I'd buy it right away...

  8. Not Sure, if anyone reads these old blog entries ... nevertheless, for those who prefer somewhat smaller knives (in the size range of the neon copy), you might want to have a look at the CH 3001. You might find it with "parallel lines [blabla]" in the name on dhgate (have a close look at the photos - some versions are not marked "CH ..." and seem to have no lock bar insert). Side by side, it is a bit shorter than the neon copy, both in handle length and length of the cutting edge.

    The knife runs in the 50...60 USD price range (shipped) and is advertised to have a blade of D2 tool steel. Not sure about what the steel really is, it feels a little on the softer side (as does the S35VN neon copy) - just to prevent misunderstandings, when I say "soft", I mean soft compared to badass kitchen knives. A standard Victorinox army knife's blades is rather soft, opinel's aren't really hard either and so on (all of which are used by millions and millions of people) ... you get the idea. Handle and pocket clip are titanium; screws/standoffs and small stuff is steel. the blade runs on steel bearings (and does so smoothly), which themselves run on the bare titanium handle slabs (it's done the same way in the neon clone and works pretty ok).

    As always, it may require some tinkering (clean, relube, wear-in ...). Apart from the cheap looking spring pocket clip (mine had tiny cracks in the surface on the bends right from the beginning, but is still holding up well), it's a nice knife in a nice size - especially for people with small hands.

    1. I do! :)
      Thanks a lot for your feedback!
      That CH has been sitting on my wish list for a while. Which color did you choose?

  9. I bought the grey version from a seller named Sarila on dhgate for 50-and-a-bit USD. They also had a green version and I've seen a few other colours on ebay.

    I am still waiting for the moment, where I don't end up taking a new knife apart sanding, anodising or doing whatever with the handle scales ... but, well for that very moment (I mean, it really might come one day), I'd prefer something rather neutral looking that doesn't stick out too much and you could easily pass along as gift. Well, that's the reason I usually buy grey, black or something like that (which, so far, in the end didn't matter even once)

    1. Probably I'll end up ordering a grey one too although the green one is also tempting.