Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bailian Light Cavalry - heavy duty titanium flipper with ball bearing pivot system

Excellent heavy duty folder

- perfect fit and finish in every detail
- strong titanium frame lock with steel insert and hidden lockbar limiter
- rock solid early lock-up
- hidden blade stop pin
- excellent flipping action thanks to the ceramic ball bearing pivot system
- perfectly centered blade with light stonewashed finish
- CPM-D2 Japanese import blade steel
- excellent flipper design
- thick titanium handle with very good ergonomics
- open back design (for easy cleaning) with only 2 main screws

- you need a special triangle tool for the main screws
- I could live without that rider logo on the handle 

Blade length: 3.81" (97 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.196" (5 mm)
Blade steel: CPM-D2 Powder Steel (~62 HRC)
Open length: 9.05" (230 mm)
Closed length: 5.19" (132 mm)
Weight: 6.38 oz (181 g)
Handle: titanium
Lock: frame lock with steel insert
Carry: right hand tip up

You can buy it at a reliable seller***HERE***  
Excellent flipper design in line with the handle:

Cut out in the handle slabs for a more comfortable flipper action:
More pics:


  1. Nice review! I've been looking at this knife. How does it compare to the Shirogorovs? Worth the extra money?

  2. i noticed one negative review:"The handles are not made of titanium but steel. That makes the knife very heavy for its size. Additionally, the detent is so weak that the blade can be easily shaken out of the handle. However you cannot flip the blade just by pushing on the flipper. You actually need to use some serious wrist action for the blade to deploy. This knife is not worth the money and I would not recommend it for anyone to buy."

    1. The weight (181g) is correct for such a robust folder. The handle slabs are 1 mm thicker (per side) than the handle slabs of the Shirogorov.
      I can't shake mine open and the flipping action is quite smooth I can flip it open without any wirst flick.

  3. Yes, if you want a heavy duty monster! :)
    The Bailian has a better blade steel and a more robust built than the Wild Boar Shirogorovs.
    Although the Shirogorovs are better for every day carry because of their slimmer design.

  4. I caved and ordered. I'm running out of space for all of these!!

  5. I like the maker's latest knife, will keep my eyes peeled for it appearing :)

  6. Thanks for the link.
    Now I also have to look for a new storage chest for my folders! ;)

  7. My Cavalry arrived. It's good but not great. Fit and finish is good across the board. The lock-up is solid, and the blade is sharp and well centred. The flipper is fractionally on the small side for my liking, which combined with a strong detent, makes flipping more effort than I'd like. The grip is very slightly too small to be comfortable with all three of my fingers in the curved section of the handle, but not large enough to put two in there and one on the flat part. I have small hands and skinny fingers though, so for people with bigger hands, it's likely fine.

    1. If anything this encourages me to get this knife more, apart from the flipper being a bit small it is everything I like in a knife but the size concerns might be one.

      What size are your hands if you don't mind me asking (also do you think the blade steel is actually CPM-D2 Powder Steel or just 9Cr18Mov )?

  8. By the way, do you have a tool that fits the hardware on this knife? Is it the same as for the Wild Boar Microtech DOC?

  9. At least the detent is not weak! ;)
    It fits my mid sized hands quite well. I guess they built this folder for gloved or M-L sized hands.
    It's not a gentlemen's folder for sure! :)

    The triangle pivot tool of the MT DOC doesn't fit the LF but it's quite easy to make one for it.
    I'll post my DIY pivot tool which I made for my Whaleshark. I think I'll make a similar one for the Light Cavalry too.

  10. I just wish it came in a standard screw format or at the very least came with the tool.

    1. Making a pivot tool for this type of screw is not a big deal. You need a piece of micarta like THIS, a hack saw, a drill and a file (or Dremel).
      Here is the finished tool.

    2. Thanks for that. Now I just need to develop some tool skills!

  11. How has this steel held up?

    1. I haven't done any serious cutting tasks with it yet.
      The steel performed well during light cutting tasks.
      I'm planning to do some cutting tests next month.

    2. Cheers, love your reviews but it can be hard to prioritise what knives to get when there are so many knives available.

    3. Thanks!
      That's an arising problem I must deal. :)