Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New all-steel Sanrenmu 7071 with frame-lock

A new rising budget superstar :)

- stylish folder with a nice stone washed finish
- solid lock-up without any blade play
- massive frame lock
- gorgeous stone washed Sandvik 12C27 tanto blade

- the blade of mine is slightly off centered in closed position
- out of the box the one handed opening isn't easy, it needs more time to get smoother 
Edit: I managed to eliminate both problems by changing the place of the bronze / teflon washers and by pushing the lockbar outwards in order to decrease the strength of it.  
Blade length: 2.55" (65 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.098" (2.5 mm)
Blade steel: Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel (~57 HRC)
Open length: 6.22" (158 mm)
Closed length: 3.62" (92 mm)
Weight: 3.25 oz  (92.3 g)
Handle: stainless steel
Lock: frame lock
Carry: right hand tip down

You can buy the all-steel SRM 7071LTF-SZ at Fasttech.com***HERE***
                                                     the black-khaki G10 version***HERE***
                                               and the khaki-grey G10 version***HERE***

All-steel SRM 7071 at Gearbest.com: ***HERE***

You can buy the G10 versions of the SRM 7071 at Exduct.com:
                   SRM 7071 LV (black & khaki): ***HERE***
SRM 7071 LK (khaki with turtle pattern): ***HERE***
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More pics:


  1. How did you adjust the washers? How did you arrange them? Thanks!

  2. I put one of the bronze washers to the other side.
    1 teflon washer <-> 2 bronze + 1 teflon washer