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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

EDC Gear Skeleton Key vs. Navy CUI 2001 keychain tool

Although the Skeleton Key looks quite cool with that skull pattern it lacks a couple of features that the Navy has.
-  Because of the proturding screwdriver tips on both sides the SK is quite uncomfortable to hold firmly.
- The Navy also has different wrench sizes and comes with a better fit & finish.


Skeleton Key Navy CUI 2001
Length: 3.07" (78 mm) 2.79" (71 mm)
Width: 1.65" (42 mm) 0.86" (22 mm)
Thickness: 0.118" (3 mm) 0.118" (3 mm)
Weight:  0.91 oz  (25.8 g) 2.64 oz  (17.7 g)

You can buy the Navy at Exduct: ***HERE***
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You can buy the very similar Sanrenmu version at Fasttech: ***HERE***

You can find my review of the Navy CUI 2001 HERE

You can buy the Skeleton Key: ***HERE***

More pics:
Details of the Skeleton Key:

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