Friday, April 11, 2014

New Ganzo G620 folders with flipper

New Ganzo folders with assisted opening on the horizon
(stock photos)

You can buy the Ganzo G620 folders at here:


  1. Cool looking knives. Something of a Mcusta look. I'm assuming it's an assisted opener. I like flippers, but I'm not crazy about assisted opening. I'll definitely buy one when they become available.

  2. Yes, they are assisted openers and according to the videos I saw they are quite fast ones.

  3. Exposed spine end, painted blade, painted clip, pointy clip tip, sub-optimal clip position, ABS scales - that's a pretty trashy design, imho.
    Could've been an usable work horse (good size, good shape, no aggressive jimpings, no thumb ramp), though, but the assist mechanism makes it even more attractive to all kinds of dirt-related disfunctions than the liner lock already does.

  4. The blade seems acid etched to me.
    Regarding the exposed spine end: many Spyderco folders have that feature too. ;)
    Although I'm not excited either by the materials (ABS) I think I'll give it a try.

  5. Maybe I'm too conservative. :b
    FRN scales often turn me off of otherwise nice knives - and ABS is way worse.

  6. Not bad at all, you've got to remember the price point, under $9.
    Not ideal with SS screws holding a black pocket clip and a SS thumbstud on a black blade but these are cosmetic. The knife works as it should, sharp blade, easy opening, good lock up and blade centred.
    For the money very good. I had ordered two, the first to arrive was the G620-G1, the G620-Y2 to be delivered.
    I've already ordered the G620-G2 and the G620-Y1 so I must like them.

    1. Hi Steve,

      What's about the blade steel (edge retention)? Have you managed to test it?