Friday, January 25, 2013

Sanrenmu 913P vs. 939

A few pics of the two large size Sanrenmu folders side by side:

You can find my full review of the SRM 913P HERE and the SRM 939 HERE.

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You can buy the SRM 939 at Exduct: ***HERE***


  1. Great photos - ordered from exduct and these two arrived.

    Great for the prices offered both are smooth openers - a little blade wobble side to side (non up and down)

    The black blade coating is a downside - wish they would not do that as it is sure to look awful as the knives are used.

    Other than the black blade coating - nothing to say about these knives then a nice budget knife (they are sharp but not as sharp as kershaw).

  2. Thank you for your comment!

  3. I'm reading your reviews years later. I have a question about those two knives. I would love to buy the 913, but half serrations are a dealbreaker for me. With both handles and blades having such a similar design, could it be that the blade is swappable with that of the 939? That would let me create a zombie folder!

    1. I have compared the blades and unforunately they can't be swapped.

    2. Hey, thank you for letting me know that! Really appreciated!

      Have you ever had any luck with their customer service? I heard online that the 913 plain edge is going to get resurrected, but I can't get a hold of Sanrenmu.

    3. You're welcome! :)
      I have no experience with the customer service of Sanrenmu. I'm not sure even about their official homepage.

      They used to sell the satin plain edge version of the SRM 913 on Ebay at a quite high price. I was lucky because I managed to grab my plain edge version last year on Aliexpress at a reasonable price.