Saturday, March 31, 2012

My "customized" Enlan EL01 v1.0

I was experimenting with some acid on the blade of my Enlan EL01.
Here is the result of my very first attempt:


  1. Woow.. it looks like a very expensive knife. Any details on what you did?

  2. After I watched several tutorials about acid etching on youtube I decided to give it a try.
    So it's not as easy as it seems. You should plan every detail carefully (masking the blade, rinsing etc.) and pay extra attention to safety (skin and eye protection). Chlorine gas could be produced during the process which is hazardous to your health.
    It was my first try I hope next time everything will turn out as I plan. :)

  3. I like the worn but clean look.
    How many time did it take?

  4. Masking the blade 40-50 min, etching 10-15 min, polishing the blade 30-40 min.
    The most time consuming is preparing the blade for etching.

  5. Looks gr8!
    I'm just wondering about a stonewashed finish on my EL01 G10, to render it a bit more tactical...

  6. Thanks! Let me know about the result of your stonewashing project.

  7. That's a beautiful job you did on the EL-01! I've etched several of my Ganzos with good success, but I like the looks of my own EL-01 so much that I'm almost afraid to mess it up. I understand how you kept the edge finish bright, but the muted pattern on the rest of the blade puzzles me as to the process you used. I use Ferric Chloride as an etchant; nail polish; DyKem; wax; and packing tape as masking agents.

  8. Thank you! Could you link some pics of your work (EL01 and Ganzo) too pls?
    I used almost the same stuffs for this project (acid, nail polish, wax). I cleaned the blade and covered the edge and the pivot area with nail polish then I was trying to make a decent spalsh pattern by using hot wax and a toothbrush. After removing the blade of the etchant I rinsed it and polished it with steelwool.

  9. I've posted some pics @google+ that are available. If you can't access them, let me know. I haven't done my EL-01 yet, but have done my G-710,G-712,Navy K-628,Enlan M017, etc. I'm considering a damascus pattern next.

  10. More pics at

    1. Thanks! As I see you tried the wax pattern too! :)

  11. I removed the wax by dipping the blade in hot water. By accident I discovered that if you draw the blade up through the layer of melted wax, and then put it in the etchant you can get a very interesting pattern. I have to explore this process further. I also use what is called "layout liquid" marketed under the name of DyKem. There is a DyKem marker available that has very fine tip that is perfect for lettering, or logos, or making intricate patterns.