Monday, August 22, 2011

Enlan EL06 - Scott Cook's Lochsa homage

Camo version:
Black G10 version with stone washed blade:

New pics only for your pleasure! ;)
This folder is one of my favourites because of the excellent design and the decent blade steel (9Cr13MoV).

- slim and elegant folder with an excellent fit and finish
- nested steel liners under the G10 scales
- nice and grippy G10 handle 
- good blade shape with a nice stonewashed finish

- you need a special tool or round nose pliers to adjust the pivot
- the thumbstud could be a bit bigger (the new version comes with an improved thumbstud)
- slightly uneven grind lines near the tip of the blade 

You can buy the EL-06 at the following vendors: ***HERE*** (black G10 Handle)
                          ***HERE*** (camo)
                          ***HERE*** EL06 camo (camouflage G10 handle)    ***HERE*** (satin blade) Coupon codes HERE
Blade length: 3.54" (90 mm)
Blade steel: 9Cr13MoV Stainless Steel  
Blade thickness: 0.1378" (3.5 mm)
Handle thickness: 0.51 (13 mm)
Open length: 8.26" (210 mm)
Closed length: 4.72" (120 mm)
Weight: 4.62 oz  (131 g)
Handle: G10
Lock: liner lock
Carry: right hand tip up
The camo version
with black blade also looks pretty! :)

More pics:
with the new improved thumbstud:

Old pics:


  1. Looks like a nice knife... any chances for some comparison pics with let's say the EL02. Especially interesting is the thickness.
    Vectrex of BLF

  2. Is the blade partial flat ground or has it a hollow grind? Could you elaborate a little more how you like it compared to your other big folders?

  3. The blade seems hollow ground for me. What I like in this folder is its nice slim profile (thanks to the recessed steel liners) and the very good blade to handle ratio. As an improvement I think it would benefit from a bigger thumbstud.

    I'll post some pics for comparison at the weekend with the EL02B.

  4. I've uploaded the pics here:

  5. New pics only for your pleasure! ;)

  6. Hi there, great reviews! I really want to get the 710, and am torn between the El-01 and 06. Which would you recommend as an edc/tactical folder? Also, does 9cr13 sharpen to a significantly better edge than 8cr13?

  7. Hi Matthew,
    My personal favourite is the EL01 because of its awesome flipping action, good ergos and sturdy constraction. So I'd choose the EL01 over the EL06 for edc/tactical purposes. I haven't used my EL06 enough to see any difference in the blade steels yet.
    Check out the new rosewood handle version of the EL01 which looks very classy:
    It also comes with a hard pouch and a gift box too.