Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Enlan EL01 - The Best Buy

- strong, sturdy folder with an excellent fit and finish
- flipper opening system
- G-10 handle with good ergonomics
- massive blade (thickness: 3.7 mm)
- several jimpings on the handle

- you need a special tool or round nose pliers to adjust the pivot
- slightly uneven grind lines towards the tip of the blade

You can buy the different versions of the EL01 at ***HERE***
                                                                             Triangle pivot tool: ***HERE***

and at 
***HERE*** (black handle plain edge)
***HERE*** (black handle part serrated edge)
***HERE*** (black handle black plain edge)
***HERE*** (black handle black part serrated edge)
***HERE*** (khaki-sand handle plain edge)
***HERE*** (wood handle plain edge)
Exclusive damascus version: ***HERE*** (black handle plain edge)
Mini version (EM01): ***HERE***

Unique orange EL01 on Aliexpress***HERE***

Blade length: 3.70" (94 mm)
Blade steel: 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel (57-59HRC) same as the entry level Spyderco and Byrd knives
Open length: 8.26" (210 mm)
Closed length: 4.52" (115 mm)
Weight: 5.43 oz  (154 g)
Handle: G-10
Lock: liner lock
Carry: right hand tip up

!!NEW!! -  "Maker I"
Exclusive high-end version of the EL01 with titanium handle, ball bearing pivot system, VG10 blade and frame lock!
You can buy it at a reliable seller on Aliexpress***HERE***

Because of a new stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop the locking mechanism on the folders. So don't worry these folders come with solid frame-locks! :)

More pics:

After a couple of years of heavy use:


  1. I added a few new pics of the black version.

  2. I've just received mine. I bought it from the link you posted, but it is not Enlan but Bee.. also the pivot is different.. this is very strange (amazing knife though).

  3. It seems the new batch of the EL01 at comes with the BEE logo and the new pivot screw (check out my review of the EL01D). Except the logo and the pivot screw it's identical to the previous version.

  4. Yep, as I can see from your hi quality pics, it's exactly the same. Also the stainless used (8Cr13MoV), which is the one I was looking for.

    The blade and the handles are very thick and well made. I think this knife will last forever. Thank you very much for your blog and your reviews!

    BTW: if you still have all the knives, it would be interesting to see a post with a size comparison of all of them :)

  5. Your welcome!
    I edc my EL01s quite often because flipping them open is such a fun! :)

    Ok, sooner or later I'll post a group shot of them! :)

  6. l love the EL01's. I have 5 or 6. 2 all black and 2 with the wood handles.

  7. I had an "A-ha!" moment when I realized the Maker I is the same as the EL-01. I literally had to put their pictures side-by-side to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I think it's pretty cool that they did a premium version of a well-known budget knife.