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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Top 11.11 knife & folder deals on Aliexpress

!! On Sale !!
NOC Chef MT03 titanium frame-lock folders  
with  M390 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the NOC Chef:

Puppy by Mosquito Tactical - exclusive M390 gentleman's folder
You can buy the Mosquito Tactical Puppy
 with M390 blade on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

!! NEW !! 
Mini version "Little Puppy": ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Shirogorov style RFT D2, Bear Claw Flying Shark
and Green Thorn Jeans D2 side by side:
Shirogorov style RFT D2, Bear Claw Flying Shark  and Green Thorn Jeans D2
Shirogorov style RFT D2, Bear Claw Flying Shark  and Green Thorn Jeans D2
You can buy them on Aliexpress: 
RFT D2 version: ***HERE*** and ***HERE***
Bear Claw Flying Shark: ***HERE***
Green Thorn Jeans D2: ***HERE***
 Lovocoo Jeans D2: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***
High-end M390 version: 

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
the locking mechanism and the "blood grooves" on the folders.

Dicoria made Shirogorov F111 liner-lock flippers  
with S35VN blade, carbon fiber handle, titanium pocket clip 
and ceramic ball bearings:
It's a huge folder, the real blade length is 111 mm (4.37")!
You can buy the Shirogorov F111 CF in 4 versions:
Dicoria Store: ***HERE*** or ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Kershaw 7200 Launch 2 auto clone
with D2 blade and aluminium handle.
Excellent fit & finish, very good ergonomics, 
snappy action and solid lock-up: 
Kershaw 7200 Launch 2 auto clone
You can buy the Launch 2 copy on Aliexpress:

Bear Claw Flying Shark titanium frame-lock kickstop flipper
with S35VN blade and ball bearings: ***HERE***

Y-Start LK5015D titanium frame-lock flipper  
with damascus blade  and ball bearings.
It comes with an extra VG10 blade!
You can buy the Y-Start LK5015D***HERE***

Two Sun TS80 titanium frame-lock folder  
with D2 blade, CF inlays and ball bearings:
You can buy the TwoSun TS80***HERE***

CH Knife CH3009 titanium frame-lock flippers  
with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the CH Knife flippers
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

CH Knife CH3008 titanium frame-lock flippers  
with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the CH Knife flippers

Hinderer XM18 style titanium frame-lock flippers  
with M390 (bowie or wharncliffe) blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the XM18 in 3 versions***HERE*** 

LOVOCOO Apologist light weight titanium frame-lock flipper
original design by Ivan Braginets (Ukrain)
 with S35VN blade and ceramic ball bearings***HERE***

Yon Xanadu YX-650 excellent titanium frame-lock flipper
 with D2 blade and ball-bearings: ***HERE***

SUECX IFS-20 by Nighthawk
high-end titanium frame-lock folder 
with M390 blade and unique screwless construction 

CH Knife CH3516 titanium - CF liner-lock flipper  
with S35VN blade and ball bearings: ***HERE***

CH Knife CH3519 titanium frame-lock flipper  
with S35VN blade, CF inlays and ball bearings

Y-Start LK5014 and LK5015 titanium frame-lock flippers
with VG10 blade and ball-berarings***HERE***

Y-START 2018 Russia FIFA World Cup memorial knife LK5018
 titanium frame-lock flipper
with VG10 blade and ball bearings***HERE***

Spyderco C158 Techno copy
with D2 blade and titanium frame-lock***HERE***

Prefect Lines light weight titanium frame-lock front flipper
with D2 blade and ball bearings***HERE***

TwoSun TS65 integral titanium frame-lock flipper  
with CF handle inlays, M390 blade and ball bearings:

Small version 
QM Qwaiken by Green Thorn titanum liner-lock flipper  
with D2 blade, ceramic ball bearings and carbon fiber handle
***HERE*** or ***HERE***
It weights only 70 g (2.47 oz) !

LOVOCOO S.S.E BKRSCKS titanium frame-lock flipper
 with D2 blade and ball bearings***HERE***

CH Knife CH3002 titanium frame-lock flipper
 with D2 blade and ball bearings***HERE***

Check out the other 11.11 deals 
at the following knife stores:
Kesiwo Outdoor Tools Factory Store: ***HERE***
Celebr knives Store***HERE***
LOVOCOO Store: ***HERE***
NIGHTHAWK Knives Store: ***HERE***
Dicoria Knives: ***HERE***
Ben's Knives Shop: ***HERE***
John Knives Factory Shop: ***HERE***
Eafengrow Top1 Store: ***HERE***
Y-Start Industrial Trading Store: ***HERE***
XS-Knife Store: ***HERE***

Saturday, November 10, 2018

11.11 knife & folder deals at GearBest

Can you see that small flipper in the top left corner?
That's the key chain folder of the year! :)

You can buy them at GearBest:
Enlan EW148 mini flippers: ***HERE***
Enlan M09: ***HERE***
xDuoo X2 MP3 - FLAC DAP: ***HERE***
KZ ES3 IEM earphones: ***HERE***

Sandvik 12C27 blade:
Enlan EW148 vs. Sanrenmu 710 / 7010:
xDuoo X2 DAP / mp3 - flac player,
 KZ ZS3 & ATES IEM earphones:
You can buy the KZ earphones at GearBest: ***HERE***

The 11.11 Mega Sale: 

11.11 knife & folder deals

Top brands:
Sanrenmu: ***HERE***
Ganzo Firebird: ***HERE***
Enlan: ***HERE***
Hx Outdoors: ***HERE***
Brother: ***HERE***
Tonife: ***HERE***
Y-Start: ***HERE***
Fura Gear: ***HERE***
 ! NEW ! CH Knife: ***HERE***

GANZO Firebird FB7601
 with CF handle and ball bearings***HERE***

Sanrenmu Land 9103 and 910 plus 
with Sandvik 12C27 blade and ball bearings

Hx Outdoors bushcraft knife with D2 blade on sale: ***HERE***

Fallkniven WM1 copy: ***HERE***

Petrified Fish flipper with D2 blade: ***HERE***

Petrified Fish folders with AUS-8 blade: ***HERE***

Liner-lock Spyderco Native style folder: ***HERE***

Flippers with wood or G10 handle: ***HERE***

Serge Bean style mini flippers with steel handle: 

Titanium mini folder with D2 blade: ***HERE***

Hx Outdoors mini folder: ***HERE***

A2 stryle titanium frame-lock flipper
 with M390 blade: ***HERE***

Jungle Blade flipper with D2 blade: ***HERE***

Titanium frame-lock flippers with D2 blade:

Titanium mini folder with damascus blade: ***HERE***

Spyderco Rubicon style folders:

Mini dogtag folders***HERE***

Gerber Strongarm style fixed blade knives:

Spyderco Techno style titanium frame-lock folder
 with D2 blade: ***HERE***

Spyderco Valloton style folder***HERE***

Zero Tolerance ZT0562 style folders:

Zero Tolerance ZT0801 style titanium frame-lock flipper
with D2 blade: ***HERE***

Tigend flipper with CF handle and D2 blade***HERE***

Microtech MT Borka Stitch style auto - switchblade***HERE***

Shootey "Punisher" mini folder with damascus blade***HERE***

SOG  Instinct Mini style fixed blade***HERE***

CRKT mini fixed blade***HERE***

Multi tool pliers: ***HERE***

GoComma flipper with D2 blade***HERE***

Jungle Blades titanium frame-lock flippers
with S35VN blade***HERE***

Mini key chain folders***HERE***

Shirogorov F3 style flippers***HERE***