Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shirogorov Tabargan 95 style folder with axis-lock

- excellent fit and finish
- solid lock-up
- smooth opening
- centered full flat ground blade for excellent slicing performance
- comfortable handle with good ergonomics
- easy deployment out of the pocket thanks to the smooth G10 scales

- the initial sharpness was average out of the box, I had to resharpen it 

Blade length: 3.74" (95 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.157" (4 mm)
Blade steel: D2 Steel (~61 HRC)
Open length: 8.85" (225 mm)
Closed length: 5" (127 mm)
Weight: 6.17 oz (175 g)
Handle: G10 scales with steel liners and G10 backspacer
Lock: axis-lock
Carry: right hand tip up

You can buy it at reliable sellers***HERE***  (orange)
                                                         ***HERE***  (black)
                                                         ***HERE***  (orange, black, red)

KO Shirogorov F3 & Tabargan: 
Enlan EL01 & Tabargan:

More pics:

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Enlan EL01 with damascus blade

New exclusive Enlan EL01D with damascus blade
You can buy it at Fasttech: ***HERE***
HERE is my full review about the renown EL01.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Decepticon 1 - budget version with steel handle

Impressive unique design

- perfect fit and finish in every detail
- rock solid early lock-up
- hidden blade stop pin
- excellent flipping action thanks to the ball bearing pivot system
- perfectly centered blade with a pretty two tone (satin - stonewashed) finish
- excellent flipper design
- awesome, unique handle design with very good ergonomics

- heavy weight 

Blade length: 3.85" (98 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.157" (4 mm)
Blade steel: 9Cr18MoV Stainless Steel (58-60 HRC)
Open length: 8.97" (228 mm)
Closed length: 5.11" (130 mm)
Weight: 8.5 oz (241 g)
Handle: stainless steel with G10 backspacer
Lock: heavy duty liner lock
Carry: right hand tip up

You can buy it at a reliable seller***HERE***  (grey version)
                                                         ***HERE***  (black stonewashed)
                                                         ***HERE***  (blue - bronze)

Exclusive titanium versions are available: ***HERE*** (grey)
                                                                        ***HERE***  (black - gold)
                                                                        ***HERE***  (gold - blue)
                                                                        ***HERE***  (multicolor)
Perfectly centered blade with solid early lock-up:

More pics:

Friday, May 1, 2015

AFCK Harley Davidson edition

Cool Harley logo:

- perfect fit and finish in every detail
- solid lock-up without any blade play
- comfortable axis lock with smooth opening and closing
- perfectly centered blade with a nice satin finish
- big comfortable handle with very good ergonomics

- none 

Blade length: 3.93" (100 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.149" (3.8 mm)
Blade steel: D2 (59-60 HRC)
Open length: 9.37" (238 mm)
Closed length: 5.43" (138 mm)
Weight: 5.57 oz (158 g)
Handle: G10 with skeletonized steel liners
Lock: axis lock
Carry: right or left hand tip up or down

You can buy it at a reliable seller***HERE***  (black)
                                                          ***HERE***  (blue)
                                                          ***HERE***  (orange)

Different G10 handle versions with different logo: ***HERE***

Full flat ground blade versions with different logo: ***HERE*** (black) 
                                                                                     ***HERE*** (black&blue)
                                                                                     ***HERE*** (orange)  
More pics:
Size comparison with Spyderco Endura and Enlan EL01:
Next to my Enlan EL01: